Switching Things Up

March 15, 2011

I definitely like my routine, but, like I’ve said before, I also like to change things up every now and then.

Instead of running this morning and lifting weights in the afternoon, I decided to flip-flop the two. I wanted to wait until the afternoon to go running in the daylight, sunshine, and warmer temperatures. Plus, lifting weights at 5 a.m. seemed like an easier task than running.

I know I will always be a morning runner, but when it is 14 degrees in the morning and 34 degrees in the afternoon, guess which always-freezing-cold chica is going to choose?

So this morning I went to the gym, lifted weights, and did some ab work for 45 minutes. I really enjoy weight lifting. To me it is “relaxing,” stress-relieving, and it gives me some alone time.

Instead of driving home after school and leaving for a run from my apartment, I decided to stop at a trail on my way home. Often, when I arrive home—and have a run planned—I get distracted by unpacking my lunch, fixing the bed, straightening things up, and doing random things before heading out the door. But I knew if I stop at a running spot on the drive home, my only choice would be to run.

I managed to cover 7 miles in 60 minutes. It was a gorgeous run in the sunshine and milder temps of the afternoon. It definitely reminded me why I run OUTSIDE! 🙂

I went out at a comfortable pace and then came back a little faster. Overall, it was a really good run. The path was still covered in packed snow, so that made the traction a little less than ideal, but these days I’ve got to take what I can get.


When I got home, I knew exactly what I was going to make for dinner.

I have been dreaming about my Thai Peanut Tofu Dish since I made it last week.

Once again, this was a deliciously flavorful dish that both Craig and I devoured! I’m pretty sure no words were exchanged while we stuffed our mouths!

You can find the recipe here. One change I did make that I reduced the amount of peanut butter to 1/8 cup peanut butter instead of the 1/4 cup the recipe calls for.

I think I could eat this dish every day! Okay, not really because I would get tired of it eventually, but I am already looking forward to the leftovers in my lunch for tomorrow!


What is one dish you could eat again and again?

    1. Not really a dish, but I could honestly have a green monster every day!

    1. Oh gosh is it still that cold in your neck of the woods? Yikes!
      That dish looks delish!

    1. I don’t think I could ever get sick of pizza, oatmeal, baked tofu with brown rice, or english muffins with almond butter!

    1. i never get sick of bagels or oatmeal or cereal or yogurt… or eggs….breakfast food all the way! 🙂

    1. That dish looks amazing! Found your blog from SR’s and so glad I think–I have a recipe for dinner tonight 🙂 Stay warm up there!

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