A Simple Saturday

March 12, 2011

Today has been a pretty low-key day. Not much to report on the home-front, so we’ll keep it short and simple.

I headed to the gym this morning because no part of me wanted to run in the frigid 4 degrees that would envelope me outside. While I really don’t like the treadmill, I guess I was willing to put up with it for today.

The run still felt longer than it should, but I switched between channels on the TV, played with the speed on the treadmill, and changed the incline periodically. Eventually, I was sweaty, I felt good, and I was done. 🙂

Distance: 6 miles

Time: 51 minutes

Pace: 8:00 – 9:00 minutes/mile

Incline: 0.5 – 3% grade

Distractions: TV (VH1, HGTV, CNN), people-watching, and watching my form in the mirror

Isn’t people-watching the best?

During college, my friend, who I played in the pep band with (yeah, we were band nerds), would sit in the bleachers at basketball games and watch everyone walk by. We would pick out the cute guys (I had not met my prince charming yet.), comment on fashion no-nos, compliment those who got it right, and we always had a little chuckle when someone would walk by balancing a beverage in one hand, a bag of popcorn in the other, while sticking their tongue into the bag of popcorn as if they were a cat lapping up water. It just always looked so funny to us, and I will never be able to eat popcorn like that.

After my run, I spent a good 15 minutes stretching and doing some ab work—gotta get my six-pack ready for the summer. 😉

Then it was time for some breakfast since my stomach was screaming for food.

oatmeal + banana slices + Pumpkin Cranberry Granola + sunflower seed butter + unsweetened shredded coconut

After a nice, long shower and prettying myself up—for no special reason since I haven’t left the apartment since—I’ve spent the rest of the day:

– doing laundry

– washing dishes

– preparing and eating lunch

– folding laundry

– reading blogs

– and talking to my mom and my sister

Nothing too exciting, but sometimes that’s just what I need.

Enjoy the rest of your evening and weekend!!



What are your distractions on the treadmill?

Do you enjoy people-watching?

What is your favorite oatmeal topping?

    1. I’ve been busy running all my errands today so I can relax tomorrow. I get very distracted at the gym, mine is super tiny, so it’s hard to get in the zone. 🙂
      My favorite oatmeal topping is almond butter and bananas!

    1. I absolutely love people watching! One of my favorite things to do is go to the mall to people watch (and shop of course!)

    1. I really don’t like the treadmill either! For some reason, any distance feels sooo long. When I’m running outside, I can completely lose track of time and I never get bored.

      My favorite oatmeal topping is Justin’s Maple Almond Butter and raspberries! With bananas mixed into the oatmeal.

    1. Music and TV are my treadmill distractions. I find it so hard to run on the tread with out both of those things. When i am running outside i am the biggest people watcher!

    1. I go to a small gym so people watching is very slim, I used to go to a large 24 hour and I lOVED it. Right now, we have TVs hooked up to our Treadmills so I am 100% engaged. On my long runs, sometimes I tend to forget I am running because I get into the shows I am watching.

      1. A TV on my treadmill would be so much nicer!! Then I would be restricted to what the gym chooses to have on.

    1. I usually read magazines on the tredmill and pledge not to look at the time passing until I’ve finished an article/the whole magazine! it helps alot! the first 30 minutes is always the worst though.
      my favorite oatmeal topping is yogurt mixed with pumpkin and a bit of nut butter. MMMMM, and of course, lots of chopped fruit!

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