Pushing My Limits

February 27, 2011

I used to have quite a bit of anxiety on Sundays and not really enjoy the day.

It was the day filled with: running errands, prepping for the week, and then of course thinking about work the next day—never a good thing. 🙁

However, now that I’ve been doing my long run on Sundays—and my schedule has been rearranged a little—I am finding I don’t have as much anxiety. 🙂

Craig and I have been running errands Saturday afternoon, and I try to get as much prepping done on Saturday. That leaves my Sunday for focusing on my long run and using the afternoon to relax, recover, and enjoy some down time. I, of course, still end up doing some work, but it hasn’t felt as rushed.

Today’s long run

Distance: 15 miles

Time: 2:10

Weather: cold (15*), windy, but sunny 🙂

Overall, the run went well! I didn’t experience any pain, and I felt pretty good throughout the run. My legs were feeling it by the end, but that’s to be expected.

I had one GU throughout my run. Love the mint chocolate flavor—very authentic.

I realized on my run today that if I didn’t have a plan I followed—and predetermined mileage for the day/week—I am pretty sure I wouldn’t push myself to test my limits.

If I just ran by how I was feeling, I know I would always stop before really challenging myself to see what I am capable of. For example, after 90 minutes today, I was starting to feel fatigued, but I still had 40 minutes to go. If I was running by how I felt, I probably would have stopped at that point, but since my goal was to run another 40 minutes, I kept pushing through.

I, by no means, think I pushed myself too far today! Those last 40 minutes were a mental test for me because I only ran 1 mile longer than I did last week.

What are your thoughts. . .

Do you always have a plan you are following? or Do you run by how you are feeling?

If you didn’t have a plan, do you think you would be able push yourself hard enough?

    1. i am totally with you. if i don’t have a plan, i am just not inspired enough to get out and go running as much as i should. i end up sitting around the house playing board games with my hubby 🙂

      love the mint chocolate gu YUMMM

    1. That sounds like a perfect Sunday plan 🙂

      My plan for running is usually 5+mi or 40+min everytime I go. My other plan is to workout 5-6 days a week. With those two goals I usually end up running 4-5 days a week and incorporating either a spin class or yoga session in the mix.

      I find I am much more motivated having a plan but I also feel my plan right now is too lax and I would like to step it up a notch. I never push myself enough if I’m not on a plan of somesort. I really want to get back into doing a long run once a week again.

    1. the mint chocolate GUs are the best! when you could only buy them at Christmastime, I would buy multiple boxes to last me through the year. I’m so glad they are easier to find now!

      I haven’t had a plan for a while, but when I’m on a plan, I try to stick to it but also allow for flexibility because life (and pains!) happens!

    1. I wish I could be more care-free about running but I have to have a plan or I will slack. Sad but true!

    1. I do usually have a plan when I go to workout, but I don’t always follow it. Recently I’ve set out to run longer distances but then my knee starts hurting pretty intensely so I have to cut it down to a walk by the end. This bums me out but I have to listen to my body…

    1. i need a plan…otherwise i let myself cheat if i’m not feeling up to it. case in point: i ran 6 miles today and totally didn’t even feel like going out the door, but it was on my schedule on the fridge so i just did it. it’s totally mental for me! without a plan i’ll still run, i just won’t push myself as hard as i know i can go.

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