Confessions of a Run-a-Holic

February 26, 2011

Confessions of a run-a-holic. . . . .

1.) I don’t like listening to music while I run. I’ve never been able to get into it. I’ve tried but end up missing the quietness of the world—since I do most of my running in the morning. I do, however, prefer listening to something while running on the treadmill.

2.) I often wear the same running clothes two (sometimes three!—especially in the winter) days in a row. I figure no one knows the difference because it is dark outside when I’m running in the mornings anyhow.

3.) If I run right away in the morning, I wear my glasses because me eyes feel too tired to put my contacts in.

4.) There are certain pairs of underwear I will not wear on a run! (Can you say, wedgie!)

5.) I will eat something within about 20 minutes of returning from a run. I can’t go longer than that otherwise I get extreme hunger pains.

6.) I rarely stop during a run. The only times I stop include: when I have to tie a shoe lace, for a red light, or if I find money.

7.) Since living in Alaska, I am constantly on edge that I will run into a moose while out running, so I rarely zone out anymore. 🙁

8.) My favorite time to start a run is just as it is getting light! So basically I am watching the sun rise during my run. 🙂

9.) I rarely say “hi” to other people walking/running/biking if I pass them. I don’t mean to be rude; I’m just shy.

10.) I feel guilty driving to a different location to run, so 99% of my runs are done from my apartment.



Friday morning I ran 3 miles to the gym, lifted weights at the gym for 30 minutes, then ran back home. I was still feeling pretty tired, but it was a nice change and a way to break things up.

I think the reason I’ve been feeling extra tired this week is due to the fact I haven’t had a day off from working out in 12 days.

I usually take Mondays off, but I opted to do 90 minutes of yoga this last Monday. I thought this would be a good option the day after my long run, but the class included quite a bit of power and intensity rather than pure stretching, so I think that has been making me feel extra tired these days.

I am confident after a full rest day next Monday I will be good and ready for another 50+ mile week!


What is your confession as a runner?

If you are not a runner, share something random about yourself.

    1. I’m always scared my car key/house key is going to fall out of my zipper pockets! I check them all the time, just to make sure. 🙂

    1. sometimes on long runs i’ll sing along to my music to psych myself back up. i may or may not have done that on mile 15 of 18 this morning…. hehe

    1. These are great! Here are a few of mine:

      1) I don’t listen to music either. The quietness is really soothing to me. Not to mention it’s so much safer!

      2) I reuse my running clothes too. Sometimes even when they’re smelly.

      3) I know you’re supposed to run against traffic, but it just doesn’t feel right to me. I run on lightly-traveled residential roads and wear a reflective vest so running with traffic doesn’t seem terrible. Plus, I switch sides if there is a blind spot ahead. And see #1.

      4) I’m pretty sure my neighbors think I’m totally crazy because I’m out there running in any kind of weather.

      5) I spit A LOT when I run. And I have a really hard time achieving a non-drooly spitball.

      1. We have very similar habits when we run! I often run on the “right” side of the road (or down the middle) since I also run on minimally traveled residential roads. I know my neighbors think I’m crazy! The only difference is that I don’t spit when I run.

    1. 1) I wear the same sports bra multiple times in a row before washing it…because I only own two! They’re just so expensive.

      2) I judge people who run in cotton. haha! But really, I do. I’m a snob.

      3) I can get obsessive with the numbers on my garmin.

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