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February 23, 2011

More than ever, Craig and I have been discussing our future and trying to plan for the next couple of years.

I enjoy setting goals for myself and thinking/pondering/dreaming about my future. Craig, on the other hand, has a very different outlook on the future. He has a few dreams but really doesn’t set long-term goals for himself.

I have found his take a little frustrating and hard to understand–that is until I recently read Tina‘s post on 25 Things You Don’t Know About Me. I was intrigued by #11 when she said, “I am a defensive pessimism.”

I had never heard of “defensive pessimism” before, so I read her post on where she explained what it is all about:

This is totally Craig!

After discovering this attribute in him, it has helped me to understand why he doesn’t really set goals for himself and why his goals are usually much lower than what he is capable of.

For example, often times, Craig’s goal in school was to get a ‘C.’ This way if he did better, he exceeded his expectations and if he met the goal, he was proud of himself. Chances are he wouldn’t receive a lower grade because his goals is often lower than what he is capable of.

I, on the other hand, always made it my goal to get an the ‘A.’ It didn’t matter what the subject was, I strove for the ‘A.’ Of course, this wasn’t always the result, but it was always my goal.

Since I’ve been thinking about my goals and dreams lately, I thought I’d share a few with you . . . .

My goals in life:

– I know I can break 3:40 in the marathon (my PR is 3:42), but I would love to be able to break 3:30 in the marathon, and I honestly believe it is possible.

– Run the half-marathon in 1:30 or less.

– Break 20:00 in the 5K.

– Find a job I enjoy doing.

– Reduce my intake of artificial ingredients. (This was/is my New Year’s Goal.)

Travel! I don’t care where, I just love seeing and discovering new places.

– Complete a triathlon. . . .or maybe an ultra.

My dreams:

– I dream about the house we will some day live in: in the country, surrounded by lots of trees–maybe the mountains or near water??, a modest-sized home with some acreage.

– I dream about the day Craig and I start a family.

– I dream about tropical places I want to visit some day–it doesn’t matter where, just as long as there is sun, warmth, beaches, and beautiful scenery.

– I dream about what our future kids will be like.


After last night’s session at the gym and 11 miles yesterday, I was a little on the sluggish side for this morning’s run. It definitely wasn’t the worst run of my life, but I was feeling the effects from yesterday and Monday’s yoga session.

Distance: 5 miles (recovery run)

Time: I’m not sure; I forgot my watch but probably around 45 minutes.

Weather: 1 degree (Brrr!!!!)



What are some of your goals and dreams?

    1. You and your blog are such an inspiration. Thanks for another great post 🙂

      I need to start writing my dreams down.

      1) Moving closer to family
      2) complete an ultra race
      3) Reach my business goal

      1. Awww! Thanks, Heidi!! Good luck with all your goals, and I know one day they will happen with some hard work and passion!

    1. My dream is to find work that is both fulfilling and flexible enough to have children, and that allows me time to pursue my other passions such as running and cooking. I would also really like to take another trip to Japan with my husband before we do start a family. One goal is to run a marathon, which I hope to do this year!

    1. I’m the complete opposite of Tina and Craig, I set the bar high and then am disappointed if I don’t reach it. Which means I am frequently disappointed…maybe setting some softer goals would be the solution?

      My dreams have always been big (hence, setting the bar high) but I have come into more modest dreams as I’ve gotten older…just traveling, someday owning a house, being happy at my job, etc. whereas when I was younger, I was going to President!

    1. your marathon goal resonates with me now… my goal is to break 3:40 as well, and ultimately 3:20. but some of my other goals include owning a house, working as a librarian at a small university like my alma mater, and traveling to all the continents.

    1. Great post.

      I think I err somewhere between you and Craig. I like setting goals, but I also don’t expect much out of myself or situations as to not be let down. Both are good, but at an extreme could be harmful…

      I love your goals and dreams. Go for them! They’re totally attainable!

      I don’t have many goals at the moment besides maybe growing my blog, finding a job I enjoy, becoming a better wife, and staying fit well into my 80s and 90s.

      My dreams include starting a family, finding our “dream home,” and finally feeling confident because of my inner beauty, not my outer appearance.

    1. How inspiring! I love comment “to be confident because of my inner beauty, not my outer appearance” – I completely agree thats one of mine.

      I want to exercise and eat better in 2011. One of the hardest things for me is not having the encouragement by training with others for upcoming races so one of my goals is to find a good running group.

      Awesome post!

    1. I dream of our future home often. However, with my husband only being home four days a month for awhile, renting is the best choice for us right now. Especially with the possibility of my hubs being relocate.

      Basically, my short term dream is seeing my husband more than four days a month. 🙁

      1. Oh, that’s got to stink!! If he relocates, will you be able to move to that place so you can live together?

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