Oatmeal Overdose?

February 16, 2011

My hands got a rude awakening while running this morning in 4 degree weather!

Instead of wearing my big, thick ski mittens, I wore a pair of thin, fleece gloves, and as you can see, my hands paid the price. It was super painful!!

I managed to cover 5 miles in 42 minutes this morning without falling. Seriously! It is so slippery out there! It was a recovery run since I ran twice yesterday (7 miles in the a.m., 3 miles in the p.m.), so I took it at a nice, easy pace.


Yahoo! Today is our first half-day of the week, which means I only had to teach half of the day and then we had teacher in-service the second half of the day.

This morning I took time to make oatmeal for both Craig and myself.

I have to admit that I’m not sure how much I like oatmeal anymore. Gasp! I know, right? This must be a sin in the healthy living blogging community.

I always get really excited to make oatmeal and eat it, but then once I am eating it, I am thinking, “this is not as good as I thought it would be.”

This is the recipe I use pretty much every time, so maybe I need to change something up a bit? Any suggestions?

Michelle’s Oatmeal

1/4 cup oatmeal

1/4 cup water

1/4 cup milk

1/2 banana, sliced

1 teaspoon agave nectar

1 teaspoon chia seeds

1 teaspoon flax seed

1/2 teaspoon vanilla extract

pinch of salt

Today’s toppings: peanut butter + jelly

I also had a container of Chobani yogurt. I used to love this yogurt, but then grew tired of it. After a break, I had a container yesterday and today, but decided I am still tired of it.

It’s all good though because I still like taking plain yogurt and adding random toppings–plus it is way cheaper!


What is/was your workout today?

(I was going to ask what the weather is like where you live, but I think that would just depress me more?!?!?)

    1. My weather certainly won’t depress you. It was zero when I woke up, and now it’s hovering around 20. I went for my long run earlier (12 miles) and I felt like I was dancing around icy spots the whole time! Not fun!

      I’m still going strong on my oatmeal obsession, and I credit it to the raspberries and drizzle of maple syrup I add (in addition to PB and banana, of course!). The raspberries melt in the oatmeal!

      1. Okay, that makes me feel better!

        I was thinking I should try adding frozen berries–thanks for the reminder!

    1. Yikes 4! It might depress you since in Chicago its 50 but feels like 80 since I am used to it being so cold!

      My workout is going to be a tempo run outside! I have a long to-do list so I will be tackeling those miles later today!

    1. My workout today was weightlifting (chest and tri) and bike riding with my hubby. Oh, and I danced. Like mad.

      Visit Kath Eats Real Food for oatmeal inspiration. She has the motherload of awesome recipes.

    1. I ate PBJ oatmeal hardcore for about a month, and got bored. Lately, I’ve been doing green monster smoothies for breakfast, and love it.
      I got sick of Chobani too, and gave it a break. But now my love is back full force! My lucky husband got to try the strawberry banana, mango, and pineapple on business.
      So jealous!

    1. Wow, congrats on the run! thats awesome dedication!

      Today for my work-out, I took the day off. Had a long day at work starting at 6am. But I plan on hitting it hard tomorrow 🙂

      For oatmeal I usually do strawberries, almonds, and milk. Yours looks really good!

    1. oh man! your hands look so painful!

      today i lifted + rode the bike, but last night i ran 10 miles. woohoo marathon training!

    1. Michelle, your hands look like they really hurt. How are they feeling now?

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