Could Not Live Without Them

February 11, 2011

Variety is the spice in my life. . . .

– I rarely wear my hair the same way two days in a row.

– I used to change my outfit multiple times in one day as a kid.

– I hardly ever run the same route two days in a row. (I alternate between 5-6 different routes.)

– I enjoy rearranging our furniture.

– I’d rather eat 4-5 things to make up a meal rather than 1-3.

And the variety in today’s salad featured 11 different items:

1. mixed spring greens

2. red bell pepper

3. celery

4. green onions

5. tomatoes

6. deli turkey

7. Havarti cheese

8. pear

9. pepitas

10. avocado

11. nutritional yeast dressing


I was feeling much more energized this morning after yesterday’s fatigue, so out the door I went for a run! 🙂 I was pretty depressed last night, so this was a much-needed run!

I seriously don’t know how I would live without my running. . . . or my husband for that matter! Both are pretty good at cheering me up!!

I covered 6 miles in 53 minutes–on the slow side because of icy roads. 🙁 I cannot wait until summer!


Something new I tried this week:

These are the perfect little dessert to curb my post-dinner sugar craving. Only 100 calories per bar!

Tonight I baked some bars (which I will share with you tomorrow), and pretty soon Craig and I are going to run few errands. Nothing too exciting, but I don’t mind.


What is something you could not live without? (water, air, food, etc. don’t count!)

What was one new food item you tried this week?

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