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January 31, 2011

I am no fashion expert, but is “hair tinsel” really the up-and-coming trend!??!


I have been seeing quite a few girls at the elementary schools I teach at–and even a couple of parents–sport these pieces of shiny flare speckled throughout their locks. Has anyone else seen these?

Living in Alaska, I feel so isolated, so please tell me what is trending right now! I believe Toms are popular right now as well as headbands with big bows, but what else?? Help, I live in an isolated ice box called Alaska right now!!


Sometimes I feel obligated to blog, but yesterday I had no desire to write a post, so I didn’t. It was a good feeling!! I actually spent the evening watching TV with Craig. . . . well, kind of–I still had to get up during the commercial breaks to do things. I am too much of a busy-body!!

Here’s a few highlights from my Sunday:

I made a Green Monster smoothie and added a kiwi. (I got the idea from a Runner’s World magazine.)

1/2 cup milk + 1 kiwi + 1/2 frozen banana + 2 cups spinach + 1 Tablespoon soy protein powder

I liked the flavor and if you are a little apprehensive to give a spinach smoothie a try, I would recommend adding the kiwi and banana to cover the bitterness of the spinach!!

I enjoyed this protein smoothie after my long run on Sunday along with a Peanut Butter-Banana Muffin that I pulled out of the freezer.

Workouts from last week (1/24 – 1/30):

Monday: rest

Tuesday: ran 5 miles + 45 minutes lifted weights at the gym

Wednesday: ran 7 miles (a.m.) + ran 3 miles (p.m.)

Thursday: ran 7 miles + 90 minutes yoga

Friday: ran 4 miles

Saturday: ran 6 miles + 45 minutes lifted weights at the gym

Sunday: ran 12 miles

Since I did a long run yesterday, I took the day off today. It was SO nice to be able to sleep in until 6 a.m. (instead of 5 a.m.) and get nearly 9 hours of sleep. When I am running and training a lot, I definitely need the extra sleep!


Tonight I actually made dinner for us. I am pretty sure I didn’t make a meal at all last week.

Spinach Quiche

(Based off this recipe.)


3 whole wheat tortilla shells
4 turkey bacon strips, diced
1/4 cup chopped onion
1/4 cup chopped sweet red pepper
1 package (10 ounces) frozen chopped spinach, thawed and squeezed dry
4 eggs
1/2 cup fat-free cottage cheese
1/4 cup shredded cheese
1/2 teaspoon dried oregano
1/4 teaspoon dried parsley flakes
1/4 teaspoon each salt, pepper and paprika


1. Grease a pie plate and line with the tortilla shells.

2. In a small skillet, cook the bacon, onion, and red pepper until vegetables are tender. Stir in spinach.

3. Spoon spinach mixture into pastry.

4. In a small bowl, combine the eggs, cottage cheese, cheese, and seasonings; pour over spinach mixture.

5. Bake for 35-40 minutes or until a knife inserted near the center comes out clean. Let stand for 10 minutes before cutting.

Overall, I thought the quiche turned out really well. I loved all the spinach in it and lean protein.

The one change I would make would be to reduce or eliminate the oregano because the flavor from it was pretty overpowering.

I’m enjoying a little Bachelor action tonight and will be hitting the hay after that.


What is your favorite trend your digging right now?

    1. Well, I live in the Midwest which can also be a big section of the US that’s isolated from the east and west coast happenings, but as far as I know, metallic hair strands are NOT in style. Not for adults anyways. Let the kids do what they want, but keep those shiny things away from me and my head!

      A trend I’m loving right now is messy, tousled hair. It’s easy and looks really sexy if you do it right. I’ve been wearing my hair in messy waves or a very loose side braid and have really liked it.

      Fun post : ) I hope all is well in Alaska, friend!

      1. Phew, I’m so glad to hear this is not a trend for adults! I was a little worried when I saw moms wearing hair tinsel!!

    1. Please do not get hair tinsel. My 3rd graders and I had a great discussion today about finding REAL food – specifically fruit juices, and labeling reading. We booed Sunny D and cheered for 100% juices, and we are really into that. Same goes for hair. REAL hair.

      Toms – basically, anything for social justice, that’s always trendy.

      What I think is really trendy right nows are CSAs.

      (And Ross looked at your Quiche and asked it we could have it tomorrow. Looks AMAZING! And Looks like REAL food! Well done.)

        1. Yummy! Thanks for the tip. Also – we made your pad Thai tonight and LOVED it. Thanks for helping us menu plan. =)

    1. OK, I thought I was the only one who didn’t know what the heck was up with hair tinsel. One of our science teachers has it and I think it’s SO WEIRD.

      Toms are SUPER in right now as well as straight-legged jeans, nautical stripes, and the color gray. I’m so excited for warmer weather 🙂

      1. Thanks for sharing what’s in right now. Now I can be ahead of the fashion trend (for Alaska) and still be wearing those things 3 years from now when the trend finally makes it up here. 😉

    1. ummm, tinsel. really? i must be completely out of the loop because i haven’t ever seen/heard of that! although, not only do i live in the midwest…i live in a town with only one stop light and no walmarts…so we’re not on the cutting edge of fashion. i didn’t even know what toms were until like a month ago. yeah, i work on a university campus…so some of the “young-uns” fashion is around daily…i just don’t do a good job of recognizing it.

      what i’m rockin: compression socks, chipping nail polish, and a lopsided haircut. i know. don’t be jealous 🙂

    1. YUMMY! Quiche is one of my favorites!

      I have seen elementary school children with the tinsel in their hair but I never really understood it. I never really understood multicolor hair and that seems to be coming into style.

    1. hair tinsel? never heard of it. but i’m not around anyone under the age of about 18 on a regular basis (except babies and toddlers) so i wouldn’t know. amongst college students, straight jeans, tall boots, toms, headbands w/ and w/o bows, leggings, jeggings, etc. are all in. and i love the idea of using tortillas as the crust for a quiche! i’ll have to try that 🙂

    1. I haven’t seen hair tinsel but my younger sister came home with some sort of feather in her hair. Apparently that is very popular in Austin, Texas right now!! I love the headband trend as well as the tights with a tunic type top! That quiche looks absolutely amazing!

      It is freezing here in Dallas (literally everything thing froze last night), so I had to do my run on the treadmill since the sidewalks were all ice. I almost did the splits while walking to the gym and thought of you and your stories about slipping while running. 🙂 I can’t ever imagine running with ice out there!

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