Whole Foods Love

January 25, 2011

There was no way I was going to pass up an opportunity to go to Whole Foods when I was near one while in Minnesota!

I have been craving a salad from Whole Foods since our day in Seattle!

I love being able to pick what I want and how much I want! I basically got a little bit of everything. 🙂

Craig and I shared a piece of Spinach Feta Pizza. It was super good–not overly cheesy (unlike my husband) and the crust was delicious!

Craig’s salad with his favorite dressing: blue cheese.

We also share a couple of containers of yogurt!

When I saw this container of pomegranate-flavored Chobani, I knew we couldn’t pass up an opportunity to try this flavor–seeing we don’t have this flavor in Alaska.

Out of all the flavors I’ve tried so far, this was definitely my favorite! (Although, I really want to try the pineapple flavor because I’ve heard great reviews about it.) Both Craig and I loved the pomegranate arils in the yogurt!

I was also excited when I saw Siggi’s Orange and Ginger-flavored yogurt! I had heard positive reviews about this flavor, so I was dying to try it. (Once again a flavor we don’t have in Alaska!)

Wow! What an awesome combination of flavors! Definitely a winner!

And finally Craig and I shared this kombucha to drink. All of the particles floated to the top because Craig shook the bottle–even though it says not to.


This morning I ran 5 miles outside. We are having some milder temperatures (for this time of the year), so it felt pretty “warm” (relatively speaking) at 27 degrees.

It was a good run overall–nothing to complain about so I’ll take that.

Moose count this morning: 2

Something Fun!

This year we will have the following dates: 1/1/11 . . . 1/11/11 . . . 11/1/11 . . . 11/11/11

Now try this that a fellow teacher told me about:

Take the last two digits of your birth year and add them to the age you will be this year.

Does it equal 111? It should!



What is your favorite place to grab a salad or sandwich?

    1. I LOVE Whole Foods. We go their every Friday night for Wine Tasting. I’ve come to love so many things there. 🙂

    1. i just realized that i should not have read this while hungry, lying in bed. all i want to do is get up and make pizza! looks tasty!

    1. The pineapple flavor of chobani is by FAR the best!

      Whole Foods hot bar and salad bar are the best. A tad overwhelming though with all of the choices.

    1. Ha, I like the moose count : ) So funny.

      It did equal 111! Crazy : )

      My favorite place to grab a sub is probably Quiznos because they have the 5-alarm sauce that you can get for dipping and it is AWESOME.

    1. Pom is my fav flavor too I just blogged about it! My fav go-to sandwich is grilled cheese. I loveeee it!

    1. Whole Foods DOES look amazing – I’m thinking about starting a campaign so they can come to Brazil… haha 🙂
      Loved the “something fun” math thing…
      95 plus 16 does equal 111 😉

    1. it only works for people born before 2000 or something like that

    1. […] forward to going to stores we don’t have in Alaska such as: Panera Bread, Trader Joe’s, Whole Foods, and Ikea. Plus a lot of clothing stores: J. Crew, Victoria’s Secret, Loft, and outlet […]

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