January 17, 2011

You must check out the latest blog I’m am obsessed with: The Hungry Runner Girl.

This girl is funny, entertaining, full of life, and a speed-demon–trying to break 3 hours in the marathon at Boston this year!!

Oh, and she ran a marathon this morning. . . at 5 a.m. . . . for a training run. . . . on the treadmill! Seriously, this girl is my inspiration!


Craig and I had so much fun going out for lunch today. 😀

We definitely have our favorite restaurants in Anchorage, and Ginger is our top pick for a classy, chic, up-scale restaurant in town. (You can read about our last visit here.)

We had fun with the camera while we waited for our food.

Goofy faces. . . .

Craig’s reaction to me after he found out he was right about something we were disagreeing about. Bummer! I hate being wrong!

I had two coupons for a free salad or soup! Score!

As always, our service and food were amazing!

Our waiter was knowledgeable, courteous, and checked in periodically but was not over-bearing. AND we got to sit by the window, so I was able to take pictures in natural light!! 😀

I ordered the Spinach & Prosciutto salad:

warm ginger and prosciutto dressing, pine nuts and julienne of roma tomato with carrots

I will definitely be ordering this again! Divine!

Craig got the Field Greens with Baked Camembert salad:

tossed with apricots, mint and cashews sherry wine vinaigretteAlso a winner!

Since I haven’t been very successful grilling tofu at home, I figured I’d leave that work up to someone else.

This must be a new entree because it wasn’t listed on the menu online, but it included grilled tofu served over a bed of Israeli couscous salad, garnished with pecans on the side.

I really like Israeli couscous and the grilled tofu was fabulously seasoned.

Craig ordered the: Panang Beef Curry

beef tips simmered in a spicy coconut curry with onions and crimini mushroom served over jasmine rice with chopped peanuts

He loves his curry bowls!

When we were done, we busted our butts back to the car because it is super cold outside today! I am now wearing my big, thick winter boots in the house and sipping hot tea trying to warm up; however, my feet are still like icicles.

In store for tonight: The Bachelor with my friend Katie 🙂 and getting ready to go back to work 🙁 .


Okay, I need to know. . .

Last night, as I was putting wet clothes in the dryer, I checked the lint trap to see if it needed cleaning; it did. I knew Craig had just taken his clothes out of the dryer, so I made the comment to Craig that he needs to get in the habit of cleaning out the lint trap after he takes his clothes out of the dryer. He responded by saying, “I don’t check the lint trap after I take my clothes out of the dryer, I do it when I put my clothes in the dryer.” He said this is how his family did it when growing up.

This means I will always be the one cleaning the lint trap because I am in the habit of checking (and cleaning) the lint trap after I take my clothes out of the dryer, so it will always be clean when Craig goes to put his clothes in the dryer. I figure cleaning the lint trap after drying my clothes is the courteous thing to do because it is my lint.

So what’s your take on this?

When do you check the lint trap and clean it out? Do you clean it out even if there’s just a small amount of lint? (I do. I’m a little OCD. Craig says the trap doesn’t have to be cleaned each time.)

    1. Haha you guys are so cute (and your hair looks super pretty in those pictures). That restaurant looks AMAZING!

      I clean out the lint trap BEFORE I put my clothes in the dryer, although I will admit I don’t do it that often because Brian does almost all of our laundry!

    1. haha isn’t it funny how different families do things differently? i honestly check the lint trap both times… it usually depends on how difficult getting the laundry out of the dryer is (because we have a tiny laundry room that includes our washer and dryer, our cat’s litter box, and the furnace, as well as recycling and misc. things like the vacuum, sweeper, cat food, extra cat litter, etc.) so sometimes getting the clothes out of the dryer is a balancing act! so i guess if i CAN take the lint out after the clothes are dry i do, but if i’m about to fall (or drop the clothes) into the litter box then i just leave it for next time.

    1. that grilled tofu looks awesome! i love all kinds of tofu 🙂

      i check the lint tray as/before i start a load.

    1. My husband and I always check before. 🙂 I hate getting lint on my clothes.

      What a fun restaurant and lunch date!
      P.S. HRG is hilarious. 🙂

    1. So we had a really interesting lint trap adventure last weekend… I’m terrible about it, and since I do nearly all the laundry… I tend to clean it out after our usual 4 loads every weekend. I think I must have forgotten the weekend previous because as I went to clean it I saw all of it fall off and into the depths of the dryer! Oh no, what to do?

      So Ross went a got a long grabber cable snake something or other tool to fish it out, but nothing came out! So, I just started the dryer and prayed nothing caught on fire. We found all that lint a couple hours later – on our back porch!!! It was blown out the vent. All was not lost.

      Needless to say, Ross lectured me on cleaning it every time and I have been diligent this weekend.

    1. seriously, I love The Hungry Runner Girl. She is crazy, hilarious and inspiring!

      I check the lint before I put in a new load. But sometimes I forget so I almost always clean it out since it is almost always full!

    1. honey as you know i clean it out before.

      can we go back to ginger, it was so good. im only bummed that there are no leftovers because all i am craving for lunch today is my paanang curry.

    1. The lint trap story made me laugh! My husband and I make kite discoveries like this all the time!

      I am trying so hard to convince my husband that we should go to Alasks this summer so I can run the Mayor’s midnight marathon!! Oh and it would just be amazing to go to Alaska!!!

    1. Hm… well, I guess I do both. We tend to do all our laundry on one of the weekend days. When I put my first load of laundry into the dryer, I will check the lint trap before starting it, to make sure it is cleaned out. But then, after each load goes through the dryer, I clean it out. I think I’m paranoid about a dryer-fire or something.

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