My Day By the Numbers

January 11, 2011

A run-down of my day by the numbers.

Zero – Complaints I had about the deliciousness of this fruit and nut bar I enjoyed for my mid-morning snack. (Thanks, Kristy!)

One – Number of times I tripped over my own feet and fell down in front of my students while playing a tag game with them.

Two – Number of hugs I got from students. (They can be so cute sometimes!)

Three – Servings of fruit I had today: a banana, apple, and dried fruit.

Four – Number of miles I ran this morning.

Five – Number of classes I taught today.

SixDegrees Fahrenheit when I arrived at school this morning.

Seven Time at which I left for work this morning.

Eight + Cups of water I had to drink.

Nine – Time I need to go to bed tonight. (I did not sleep well last night.)

TenDegrees Fahrenheit when I left school.

TwentyDegrees Fahrenheit when I arrived home 40 minutes later.

(There can be a 10 degree difference in temperature from the west side of Anchorage to the east side. The east side is almost always colder in the winter.)

Lots – Number of doubts I had our Vegan Mac and Cheese dinner would be edible.

Number of doubts after eating it: ZERO!!

While it may not have tasted exactly like macaroni and cheese, it was absolutely delicious!! You would never guess was vegan!!

You must give it a try!! You can find the recipe here.

I also had a salad to eat.


Do you ever make vegan foods? If so, what is one of your favorite recipes?

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