How to Have a Successful Date Night

January 9, 2011

Step 1: Find someone you can tolerate for more than 10 minutes.

Step 2: Pick a classy restaurant in town and show up in camo-colored clothes.

(Okay, so this wasn’t us, but I did see a guy at the restaurant wearing camo. That’s Alaska for you.)


Step 3: Arrange for the waitress to be a girl your husband took to a formal dance in high school.

Step 4: Order salads so you can claim you ate “healthy.”

I ordered the Spinach with Apple-Thyme Vinaigrette Salad
Fresh spinach and arugula with creamy goat cheese, Grand Marnier marinated cranberries and cayenne spiced cashews.

Craig’s salad: Classic Caesar
Torn hearts of romaine and garlic-butter ciabatta croutons tossed with our housemade creamy dressing and finished with Parmesan.

Step 5: Embarrass yourself by taking lots of pictures of your food.

Oh, and make sure to swap plates with your date so he can take a picture on his side of the table because there’s better lighting.

We split an entree. I don’t remember what it was called, but it included rock fish, clams, and reindeer sausage. It was really good!

Step 6: Order an amazing dessert because no meal would be complete without a little sugar!

Oatmeal Stout Carrot Cake
Glacier BrewHouse Oatmeal Stout, baby sweet carrots, dried apricots and pecans with mascarpone filling.

Step 7: Pay for your entire meal with a gift card. (Thanks, Stuart!)

Step 8: Go to Barnes and Noble and read as many magazines and book as you can for free! (Thanks for the suggestion Janae!)

Step 9: Go home and go to bed because you’re an old married couple.



Do you share food with your date when you eat out?

Craig and I almost always share our food. It is like getting two meals for the price of one!

    1. That cake sounds amazing!

      I love dates to the bookstore. We haven’t done that in a while – thanks for the reminder!

      We don’t share food, but always taste each others. I wish we could just order one entree to share but we always want different things!

    1. We usually nibble off each others plates. On a recent vacation to Nashville, we knew want the mini donuts for dessert, so we split a dinner to justify it. We split You Pick Twos from Panera all the time. Perfect for a light lunch!

    1. Woah – we had a date night too!!!! Ross and I don’t typically share… because he usually goes for meat but I do not. However, we tend to nibble… and take pictures, which I felt pretty silly about at some points.

      I agree – dessert is necessary!!!

      We went out for a movie after – and it was nearly midnight when we got home, and we were absolutely exhausted. I know the old married couple feeling, yet I love it!

      1. Welcome to the life of a food blogger–taking pictures while others give you an odd look.

    1. That looks yummy! I would split with my loving husband, except he eats as if he’s eating for 4 people. For example: at his favorite restaurant, he orders the chicken tender and wing combo with an extra order of 4 more chicken tenders! He’s crazy! What’s even crazier is the fact that he is one of those rediculously skinny people.

    1. fun 🙂 my husband will never share an entree with me because he says he needs more to eat! our date night tonight consisted of going to donatos pizza & ordering a medium pepperoni zinger (w/ fresh mozzerella). we finished the whole pizza… i think he ate about 2/3 🙂

    1. i found that sharing with my wife allows me to eat a larger variety of food, hers and mine, saves money, and minimizes the chances of a high calorie meal finding its way to my hips. plus its fun.

    1. I always have to remind my husband that he never finishes his meal…and he’ll sometimes split. We always split apps & desserts, though!

    1. My boyfriend and I often order two entrees to share, just because we are both so indecisive and can never settle on just one thing!

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