Don’t Come Rob Me Yet

January 8, 2011


30 minutes running

30 minutes stationary bike

15 minutes stretching

I was really hoping to feel better on my run, but my sickness is still kicking me in the butt.

I started by running to the post office to mail a letter. I try to be green like that. The whole run was just so-so. I called it quits pretty early on since my body wasn’t feeling up to it–plus my hand were super cold!

I’m not sure what I’m doing here–probably frustrated at how difficult it is to take a picture of yourself. All I know is that it looks like I have two different eyeballs, which is kind of creepin’ me out!


Any time I’m running and I see money lying on the ground, you’d better believe I am going to stop and pick it up. And today was no different. I was trotting along (read: slow run) when there he was–Abraham’s face staring straight at me. I stopped, picked it up, and immediately started scanning the ground for more pennies because when there’s one, there is often more in the area. And then I spotted it. . . a second penny; it was my lucky day! But that wasn’t all my friends, when I looked to my left, my eyes grew wide as I saw nearly 50 pennies scattered all over the road! I started picking them up one-by-one but then realized how silly I would look if I was there for 20 minutes picking up all these pennies. I quickly scanned the ground for anything silver, but didn’t see anything more than copper, so I left. I seriously debated turning around (or coming back later) to pick the rest up.

I have a collection of all the money I’ve found over the last few years and am saving up for something big, so that I can saw I bought “this” (whatever it may be) with money I found! Don’t come and rob me yet though; I’ll let you know when I have closer to $20.


When I got back from the gym, I was craving a huge salad.


spinach + spring mix + green onions + tomatoes + garbanzo beans + mozzarella cheese + ham + Emily’s Favorite Homemade Salad Dressing


This afternoon I actually took some time to rest on the couch and watch Extreme Makeover: Home Edition because the episode this last Sunday was a family from Moorhead, MN where I went to college (Concordia College).

It was so crazy to see the streets I used to run on all the time on TV! I didn’t see anyone I knew, unfortunately. The Provost from Concordia, who I know of, was on the episode to give scholarships to the family’s kids though. Watching the episode made me miss that community and all of the “Minnesota Nice” people!


Tonight Craig and I are having a date night. We have a gift card to a restaurant in town we got for Christmas that we are going to use and then probably rent a movie from the Red Box. We’re big spenders like that! Maybe we’ll go back and pick up the rest of those 50 pennies so we only have to pay 50 cents for our movie.


Do you pick up money you see lying on the ground?

(I think my husband is slightly embarrassed when I do.)

What’s your ideal date night?

(I’m pretty easy going–just as long as my date includes a goofy guy who likes to eat cheese, which I’m pretty sure causes him to say cheezy things.)

    1. I love that you ran to the post office. I wish I could literally run more errands, but I live on pretty busy roads and there isn’t a shoulder to run on. 🙁

      ha! I love that you saw tons of pennies on your run. I wonder how they all got there!

    1. I love that picked up all that money. I hate the sound of clingy change but I’m saving all my change from the semester to buy something great too. I’m not sure what it is but I’m really excited when I do.

    1. i totally pick up money i see on the ground… in fact i have a penny collection that i’m saving for something big! 🙂 i have about 1/2 a gallon right now…lol

      also- last year there was an episode of extreme makeover that featured a family from the dayton, oh area…i went to school at wittenberg university & they gave the kids scholarships too. it was pretty neat!

    1. I love date night when hubby and I make something together and watch some Netflix on demand!

      Of course in the summer, my favorite date night is ice cream!

    1. That salad looks absolutely amazing!! WOW!! Great workout but bummer you aren’t feeling good! I ALWAYS pick up money ha…we are a lot a like minus the whole you are sick of salmon?!?! You should send me yours ha! Love extreme makeover, home edition!! My favorite date is eating delicious food and snuggling on the couch!

      1. It really is sad I ODed on salmon because I used to like it. Maybe I just need new ways to prepare it!

    1. I was a PCA for the family on Extreme Home Makeover (when I went to college in Moorhead). They are a very loving and deserving family. When I worked for the boy in 2005, their family started nomitating them. I’m so glad they were finally picked:)

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