I Don’t Have Issues

January 7, 2011

I don’t have issues, but someone I live with does. . . .

My husband, as I mentioned yesterday, is a lover of cheese. He loves cheese with pretty much any type of carbohydrate: crackers, chips, bagels, English muffins, etc. He even decided to put a slice of mozzarella cheese on his Peanut Butter-Banana Muffin yesterday. Serious issues!

He said it was good. . . I’m skeptical!


Here’s a review of two new (to me) products:


A while back these were all over everyone’s blog, but I decided it was only fair to wait a while since there is a delay for the trends to reach Alaska.

Fashion trends take a while (read: years) to reach Alaska. So that means we are all pretty much wearing cargo jeans with short shirts and chunky sandals.

Meh, they were okay–nothing great. They had a very strong potato flavor and were crunchy, but I wasn’t impressed. Maybe I wasn’t crazy about the vinegar flavoring.


Cascade Ice

I enjoy carbonated beverages every once in a while but definitely do not want pop/soda with several teaspoons of sugar or anything with artificial sugars.

This beverage was just what I wanted: no added sugars, no calories, but flavored with some natural juices. I loved this beverage; it tasted just like Sprite, minus all the sugar.


Attention Anchorage Locals!

Hit up Target soon for 90% off Christmas items. I paid $ 0.20 for each of these items.


Once again I’ve been laying low today to try and get rid of this nasty cold/sickness. I’m really, really hoping to go for a run tomorrow. I don’t know if I can stay cooped up any longer!

One thing that did make me happy today:

my bowl of fruit is plump full with a ton of different fruits!

apples, oranges, bananas, avocado, lemon, pears, and kiwi


Enjoy your weekend!



What was something that made you happy today?

    1. It’s amazing to have a full fruit bowl! I loooove fruit.
      And, about your husband’s combo?
      Don’t knock it till you try it. I mean, sweet and salty makes the best food combinations 😉
      Have a great weekend!

    1. honey i cant have issues because im not a magazine. plus loving cheese is more of an attractive feature.

    1. I wish I lived near a target. At school, it’s an hour and a half from here. I got like it’s my job at home.

      My boyfriend says I have issues because I enjoy hot sauce or ketchup with almost everything.

    1. I gave up soda a few months ago, and have been craving bubbles, I may have to try that Casacade Ice!

      I have only tried the BBQ Pop Chips, and loved those. Especially the Trader Joe’s Variety.

      Something that made me happy today: banana cheerio muffins! You inspired me to make banana muffins yesterday!

      1. The other thing you could try (if you haven’t already) is LaCroix sparkling beverages. They are really good too!

    1. Thanks for the review of the Pop Chips. I’ve been intrigued but hate spending money on expensive packaged goods.
      But that drink sounds delicious! I’d probably buy that if I saw it in the store!

      So far today, cuddling with my pup has made me happy.

    1. ughh I’m sick too. All I want to do is go for a run!! I hope tomorrow we are both healthy and outside running! My husband bought me a cupcake. That made me happy 🙂

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