Polar Bear Plunge

December 18, 2010

Of all the things I planned to do over break, none of them happened today.

– I did not go running.

– I did not bake or cook.

– I did not do any cleaning. . . but I’ve got all break for that, right?

– But I did get to sleep in, so I guess that counts for something. 🙂

I really wanted to go running this morning, but I had no desire to bear the elements. (It was 3 degrees here today.) Plus, I kept getting distract by other things: Christmas cards, my mom called, talking to my husband, my always-hungry stomach, so I decided to forgo a run.

Hopefully I can make it out tomorrow–or maybe I’ll have to resort to the gym and maybe even the (gasp!) treadmill?!?!


I did get my morning started with a very delicious breakfast! 🙂

oatmeal + a bagel with cream cheese (I had the other half a couple hours later when my stomach was hungry again.) + iced coffee

Attention Anchorage locals!

Cheapest place to get bagels: Marty’s New York Bagel and Deli

We got 2 dozen (day old) bagels for $6!!

If you purchase one bag (one dozen) then you pay $3.99, but I just frozen all but a handful that we will eat within the next week.


Here’s how I did spend my day though.

What I observed this afternoon was something you could not pay me to do!!

These crazy people were taking a plunge, that’s a Polar Bear Plunge.

Jumping into ice cold water in the dead of winter, now that takes guts!

My friends, Reanne and Lindsey, were some of the brave souls who did take the plunge!

They raised money for Special Olympics in order to take part.

While it was frigid, it was a beautiful, sunny day in Anchorage though!

And tons of people came to watch these brave souls.

I was shivering by the time I was done watching my friends. Not even hot tea from Starbucks could warm me up!


This afternoon/evening, I helped out with a youth event for church.

Craig, who is the main leader for the youth group, took three teenage girls for a girl’s day out and shopping to purchase presents for families who are are in need of Christmas presents.

We started the afternoon with manicures.

Even Craig got a manicure–what a trooper!!

My nails afterward. Can you say dry, wrinkly hands?

Afterward we hit up the mall and a couple of other stores to purchase gifts.

I snacked on one of these granola bars. It was definitely not the best granola bar I’ve had in my life.

Then it was time for some dinner at Round Table Pizza and a movie.

I was a little apprehensive going into the movie, but it turned out to be a really cute movie. And that was the first movie I’ve seen in 3D!


Would you ever (or have you ever) do a “polar bear plunge?”

    1. I seriously raced about you and how you run in Alaska yesterday at my freezing for a reason run. It was only 30 degrees but it was terribly windy.

      I love that color red.

      There is a polar plunge down here in VA but I have never done it because I’m a big baby.

    1. The Polar Bear plunge here at the jersey shore is also for Special Olympics, but I have never done it. My first half marathon was to benefit Special Olympics though; I raised about $200 for it on top of my entry free (with the help of friends & family).

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