Bone Chilling Cold

December 17, 2010

Good evening!

Tonight I spent the evening getting Christmas presents ready, tidying up, washing dishes, washing the sheets, and getting things crossed off my to do list. Nothing glamorous for a Friday night, but I love the feeling of crossing things off my list!! 🙂


It was a bone-chilling -5 degrees (that’s “negative five”) this morning on my run!! Grrrr!!! Luckily I only had a 4-mile run planned for the morning.

I know I complain about the cold weather a lot, but it frustrates me when I can’t do something I absolutely love! I know I technically can still go running, but it is really hard to enjoy it to the full extent that I can when the temperatures are more mild and bearable.

Plus during the winter months, I have to put any sort of serious training on hold for 5-6 months and only do maintenance miles. That’s a lot of time I could be training to get faster. I know I will never be an elite runner or win races, but I am a competitive person and want to see what I my potential is!!

Okay, I rest my case.


I’m off to bed now. Sorry there wasn’t much to report. I didn’t sleep very well last night, so it is time to catch up on sleep.

Good night!! 🙂

    1. I was actually just thinking about this very topic. Although, we haven’t got into the negatives during daytime yet. I would run a lot more if it wasn’t so cold. This winter has made me realize that after college, I’m finding a warmer sport ha.

    1. i feel you. in IN we’ve been having unseasonably cold temps and i didn’t get out to run on mon or tues of this week, plus a couple days last week b/c of it. like windchills in the negative and such. it’s a bummer. i ran weds when it was about 5 degrees in the morning and told my husband i was doing it to just stick to the weather! 🙂 but i’m sure AK is a different story…

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