Sunday Wrap-up

December 12, 2010

I finally feel Christmas is in the air!

I put up our 5 (literally) decorations and have not stopped playing this CD all weekend long! Love it!

And this morning, I stepped out of my comfort zone and painted my nails a deep, Christmas red!!

(Too bad all my mistakes are so apparent.)

After church this morning, I got busy in the kitchen prepping meals for the week.

This week’s menu:

Vegan Pizza from Angela

– Spicy Vegetarian Chili

– Potato Curry (Craig is making this.)


I also made Steel Cut Oatmeal for breakfasts this week and vegan-ized the recipe this time.

I can’t believe my day was literally filled with church and being in the kitchen all day long. Oh well. It was productive, and I’m ready for the week!

Bring on the pseudo4-day week!! 4 days of teaching + 1 day of grading –> then it is Christmas break for 2 weeks!! 😀 I’m so excited to be able to have time to do whatever, whenever I want!!

    1. Im not sure what is better, listening to Jim Brickman or watching him perform on his piano 😉

    1. Hello,

      Okay so you think AK is worse not sure about that we have had 20″ of snow it took me an hour to get from Bloomington to Eden Prairie yesterday coming back from G & G’s house. Roads in Mpls are not good and I guess it took everyone an hour and 1/2 to get out of the ramp at work. I’ll never make it home tonight maybe I should stay at work.

      I wish I had a 2 week vacation I think I need it. You have fun on those days off.

      Take care

      1. UGH! And this is exactly why I don’t want to move back to Minnesota! I am definitely going to enjoy my 2-week vacation; it is much needed!!

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