A Day in Seattle

December 8, 2010

Even though this is a recap of our trip to Sacramento, California, we actually spent the majority of Sunday (December 5) in Seattle, Washington!! 🙂


If you are just tuning in, be sure to read part I and part II of our trip.

Sunday morning got started bright and early with a 4:30 a.m. departure for the airport. After very little sleep all weekend long, I was exhausted, but I still had a fun day to look forward to!

With the way our travel plans worked, we ended up having an 8-hour layover in Seattle!! I was really excited because I’ve never been to Seattle, and I love visiting new places!! 😀

Prior to our trip, we called our friends Ross and Jenn to see if they would meet us in Seattle and spend the day with us. They, of course, were happy to do so!! 🙂

We started our morning with a trip to the infamous Pike Place Market. We don’t have a very good farmer’s market in Anchorage, so I was beaming as I walked past all the fresh, home-grown produce. I was so giddy inside I could hardly contain myself! 🙂

And of course there was fish, but I’m bummed we didn’t get to see any of it being thrown.

Alaskan salmon–caught in my backyard practically.

Jenn and I did a little perusing at the local vendors.


I was so excited to buy home-grown produce from a farmer’s market!

The goods: 2 apples and some carrots. Of course we would have bought more if we weren’t traveling.

I had to know how these purple and white-ish colored carrots tasted!

The purple ones had a hint of beet and the white-ish ones had a hint of turnip in them.

I picked out two varieties I’ve never had before. This one was my favorite!!

We walked the streets and saw the first Starbucks.

We also saw a “team of pigs” pulling Santa’s sleigh (minus the sleigh). (That one’s for you, Mom and Dad!)

By this time, we were getting hungry, so we went to this convenience store to grab a little something.

Bread + cheese (You can’t go wrong with this combination. Craig and I lived on bread and cheese (plus some fruits and veggies) when we drove from Minnesota to Alaska!)

And some bacon-flavored chocolate?!?! While it seemed like a good (??) idea, it was actually quite disgusting!!

Next stop: the Pacific Science Center to see. . . .

the Harry Potter exhibit!!

Jenn, Ross, and Craig

We couldn’t take pictures inside, but the exhibit contained a variety of costumes and props from the movies. It was fun to see all the different things from the movies, and it made me realize how much work went into making the movies!

Next, it was time to get some food to fill our bellies.

We didn’t know exactly where we were going to eat, but when we decided on Whole Foods, I was more than happy!! (Once again, a store we don’t have in Alaska.)

There was so many different options to choose from, and after filling my plate, I realized I had missed an entire bar of food!!

Craig and I also split this kale and bean soup. It was good!

I also had a few bites of Craig’s sandwich. (I was a hungry girl!)

The sandwich contained: turkey, bacon, and avocado. It was also good!

Craig and I split a couple of beverages.

Craig loves kombucha (as do I), so he wanted to try this.

Plus, we have been to Townhend’s Tea Company in Portland, OR. We both really enjoyed this brand of kombucha!

Craig also loves rhubarb, so he wanted to try this beverage as well. It was a good choice!

After hanging out and catching up with our friends, it was then  time to go back to the airport. 🙁

Bummer! I wanted to stay!!

    1. You and Craig are so cute! It looks like you had a nice time exploring those new places. I’ve never been to Sacramento or Seattle, but they look cool. Hope you are adjusting to life back in Alaska 🙂

    1. looks like fun! we have friends from seattle and they always tell us how great it is there. now i wanna go! 🙂

    1. Bacon flavored chocolate? haha, I don’t know if that sounds good or bad! I love that outdoor market you guys went to! I love farmers markets! So neat!

    1. I have been wanting to go to the west coast to badly lately –north california, seattle, etc! Looks like so much fun!

    1. Wahoo! I made the blog! 😉 I really enjoyed our time together – wish it could have lasted longer. =) Next time you’ll have to come see Bellingham – since a lot of the produce we saw in Seattle actually came from closer to us up north!
      Peace to you both.

      1. After hearing all the great things you had to say about Bellingham, I really want to come now!!

    1. First things first, I love your hair! So cute!

      The salmon made me laugh…if I worked at that market, I’d definitely be the one throwing sunglasses on the fish on display.

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