A Brisk Run

November 20, 2010

I rarely get to run with other people, so this morning I was ecstatic to have someone to run with! 🙂

My friend, Jen, joined me for a 10 mile run in the brisk, cold winter air!


Jen is a really good friend, so it was fun chatting with her and catching up on life! The miles went by quickly, and we managed to cover the 10 miles in 1:33 (one hour and 33 minutes). It is always slower going in the winter, but, hey, at least we’re getting out!

Overall, it was an okay run for me. I wasn’t feeling all that great, but I managed to chug along and keep a pretty decent pace.


My pre-run fuel included Quaker Oatmeal Squares with organic milk and half of a banana.

I may have also had a couple of Peanut Butter Cookie Dough Balls prior to heading out–they’re good pre-run fuel, right?


When I got back, I spent some time stretching, and then made a scrambled egg for post-run recovery protein. I toasted the other half of the English muffin and spread a little bit of butter on it. Served alongside grapefruit slices. I heart grapefruit!!

Loved the combo, and it sure tasted good after a cold run!


Do you prefer to run with others or by yourself?

    1. Hmmmmm that question is an interesting one. I have to say that running with others is sooooo my thing! I think back to High School cross-country and my college running days and it makes my heart sing and smile at the same time. Runners by their very nature are a little “different” and when they meet up to run amazing conversations/adventures happen. While training for the Boston Marathon last winter I ran solo and boy was it a challenge. I think training alone builds strong mental toughness but it is a bit lonely and challenging to push one’s limits. Running with friends makes me a better runner and a better person and that is why I run!

    1. Your breakfast looks good!

      I’ve only run with others on 2-3.5 mile runs. It can be a nice way to keep things interesting though. Sometimes a long run by myself is nice, but I would love it if I could talk my husband into joining me for longer runs, it would help pass the time.

      For interval kind of runs, by myself is better.

    1. it depends. i love running with my husband for easy runs b/c there’s no pressure to talk, only if we want to. usually we just run with our ipods. it can be fun to run with others but for the most part, i love being able to relax and chill out when i run…

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