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November 17, 2010

One of those little things in life that brightens my day:

A new Runner’s World magazine! 🙂

I have not been sleeping well, so I decided to try and sleep in a little this morning instead of forcing myself out of bed super early for a run. It helped a little, but I still didn’t sleep that well. (sigh)

Instead of running, I lifted weights at home for 30 minutes. It was nice not to face the bitter cold air outside but still feel like I got a workout in to start my day off right.

I did hit the road this afternoon for a run. As soon as I got home from work, I laced up my shoes and ran 7 miles in 60 minutes. It was slow going at times because of the ice. I despise running in the winter so much!! At some points, I hardly felt like I was working out because I was going so slowly!! 🙁



While I was out for my run, Craig cooked dinner for us!

Lentil Walnut Burgers

Thanks to Angela (from Oh She Glows) for this wonderful recipe! (You can find the original recipe here.)

Both Craig and I really like these burgers!

I had my doubts Craig would actually like them, but I was surprised when he said did! He said they were better than other vegetarian/vegan burgers I’ve made. I can deal with that.


Now that I’ve started taking yoga, I need yoga mat/towel recommendations. I borrowed my husband’s yoga mat which worked fine until I started sweating, which caused my mat to become very wet and slippery and “downward dog” somewhat difficult.

So, the question of the night:

What is your recommendation for a brand/style of yoga mat?

    1. they were way better than the last vegi burgers we made. good job on finding this one babe

    1. If you’d like a free one I have a mat that has never been used. Only thing is I think its the same mat as Craigs.

      1. Ah . . . yes, please!! That’s okay if it’s the same as Craig’s because then I could easily buy a towel, and I would be good to go!!

        1. Okay! I’ll bring it with me to work on Monday. Would you be able to pick it up sometime?

    1. My hands get super sweaty so the brand of mat really doesn’t matter (although mine is a Gaiam too, only purple). I have a yoga towel that I got at lululemon that I throw down on top of the mat and that def solves the slipping hands in downward dog. Plus if you tend to get a little sweaty like me even doing gentle yoga, it’s great to have handy to wipe your forehead!

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