Friday Night with the Tissue Box

November 12, 2010

I’ve decided there are two things that I especially don’t like about being sick:

1. I don’t get to run. 🙁

(Sometimes I will continue to run with a not-too-severe head cold, but this one is worse than normal–my body aches and I feel fatigued–so I know it is best to lay low for now.)

2. I can’t taste my food and there isn’t much that sounds appealing.

But it’s okay. . . I know it will pass.


All I’ve been wanting to eat are smooth and creamy foods because it feels the best going down my throat. So this morning I made a bowl of Pear Oats.

My bowl of oatmeal: Bob Red Mill’s Scottish oats + unsweetened vanilla almond milk + water + chia seeds + pear chunks + vanilla + salt

Toppings: plain yogurt + pumpkin butter + almond butter

I picked up this package of Bob’s Red Mill Scottish Oats at the grocery store when all the Bob’s Red Mill products were on sale for 40% off!

The consistency of the oats was very similar to my Homemade Scottish Oats.


I enjoyed this Clif bar for a mid-morning snack.

I really liked the flavor–of what I could taste. 😉 I ended up eating half of it and then finishing the other half with my lunch.

This afternoon I finally conceited and broke out the meds.

I’m not one for taking a lot of medications, but sometimes I just want some temporary relief. I don’t know that it helped though; I think I just need a lot of rest.

If I feel a cold/sickness going on, I usually take echinacea, and I honestly believe it helps–but then again, I guess it could be a placebo effect as well. Whatever, I’ll keep taking it, even if it’s all in my head. 😉

(Sadly I forgot my own words of wisdom and did not take echinacea this time around.)


Once again, all that sounded good was something cold and creamy.

plain yogurt + banana + vanilla extract + chia seeds + brown sugar + flax seed + almond butter + Quaker Oat Squares (so addicting!)


Tonight I’m spending my evening on the couch with some magazines,

hot tea,

and a box of tissues in hopes of getting better.

I hope I don’t spend my entire weekend this way though.


What do you do/take when you’re sick?

    1. Bummer about being sick, hope you feel better soon. I have been doing a lot of stories in the schools (I’m a journalist) and man, I’ve been catching colds like crazy. There’s always a few kids with their fingers up their noses. Gotta love the little ones, they’re so darned cute. But germy!
      I take golden seal when I’m sick. There’s a brand at the natural pantry in the bulk foods area, cost over $100 a lb. but wow, that stuff is like gold. Plus $5 worth will last forever. I put it in gelatin capsules or brew it up as a tea.
      Then I stock up on good books and movies and take a mini vacation. It’s great not having to work but a small agony not being able to run.
      Cheers and healthy vibes,

    1. Wow-I almost got those same Scottish Oats today/ If they were 40% off I would have bought the entire store.

      When I’m sick I just relax and read magazines and lay in bed. I also tend to do a bit of maintenance on my blog hehe.

    1. I’m sorry that you’re sick!! I agree with Hollie, just take some time and relax… and try to eat some delicious food 🙂

      That clif bar looks great! I’m a little obsessed with the chocolate chip right now… but I’m definitely going to have to try that one out

    1. I have never tried yogurt in my oats..but this sounds interesting! I will have to try it for sure!

      And when I am feeling under the weather, an amazing grass smoothie always helps me know I am getting all of the nutrition I need 🙂

    1. Feel better soon!

      I saw Cranberry Orange Nut Bread at the store the other day along with 2 other seasonal flavors– I brought home the gingerbread one I think? (haven’t had it yet) and I don’t remember the third kind they had.

      When I’m sick I feel like I just drink as many fluids as possible- whether it’s OJ, water, tea, or soup for lunch. I’m not opposed to medicine, but for some reason I feel like I should be able to fight off a cold myself. Sometimes I’ll take a decongestant like Sudafed (the kind where you have to show them your driver’s license so they know you aren’t starting a secret meth lab at home).

      Previously, when my tonsils got HUGE while teaching preschool 5 years ago, an ENT doctor told me I should be taking Vitamin C supplements with my daily vitamin since I was working in a germ factory.

      I have a friend who swears by Sambucol (elderberry?) syrup at the first sign of a cold. I have picked some up at Whole foods before. I can’t say for sure whether it fought off a cold for me or not.

      1. I’m the same way–I feel like I should be able to fight off a cold myself too. I’ve never heard of Sambucol–that’s interesting!

    1. Hey! I haven’t been on your blog in a while so I need catch up on it!

      I tried that flavor Clif bar today and it really didn’t wow me. I guess I’m not really a cranberry fan. I want to try the pumpkin flavor but can’t find it around here!

    1. […] am amazed how different each type of oatmeal can taste: old-fashioned vs. steel-cut vs. Scottish oats. One would think they would more-or-less taste the same, but I don’t find that to be the case […]

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