To My Husband

November 3, 2010

Happy Birthday to my wonderful and amazing husband!

To the man who:

loves the outdoors, hiking, and is “one with nature.”

Hiking outside Portland, Oregon–a happy hiker!

enjoys snowshoeing and being a goofball–completely normal!

is “Alaskan Grown.”

Standing next to a banner in Mexico outside an eye doctor’s clinic that reads: “Yes, we have frames like Sarah Palin’s.” (We were busting a gut when we saw this–and of all places: Mexico!)

supports me–and participates in–my crazy hobby occasionally.

Craig running a 10K relay with me in Arizona. (We each ran a 5K.)

is Alaskan through-and-through.

Doing one of his favorite things in Alaska: dip netting. (You literally stand in the water with a giant net until a fish swims into your net!)

Sea kayaking in Prince William Sound out of Whittier, Alaska. (We went for our 2nd anniversary. You can read more here.)

loves getting creative in the kitchen.

Making his famous Bacon Pancakes.

Hope year number 26 is a good one! Best wishes for many more to come!


Both of us took the day off from work, so time to start celebrating! 🙂

    1. Happy Birthday Craig! I guessed something completely different when I read you were both taking the day off…

    1. Happy Birthday Craig enjoy your day with your beautiful wife 🙂

    1. i remember that 10K relay feeling more like a marathon. thanks honey I love you

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