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November 1, 2010

Welcome to November!

I guess for Mother Nature that means snow! (It is snowing as I write this. 🙁 ) Oh well, I just hope there isn’t too much out there for my run tomorrow morning.


This morning got started with a 7 mile run before work. My legs felt really fresh after my day of rest yesterday, so it was a good run!

I am glad the moose in the city are so docile! I saw a huge bull moose this morning eating breakfast and he didn’t even flinch as I ran by. He sure scared me though!


My breakfast was a small jar of OIAJ (oats in a jar) in a peanut butter jar that was nearly empty. I also had a serving of yogurt with banana slices and Multi-Grain Cherrios.


I don’t eat nearly as many vegetables on the weekends, so I like to start the week off right with a couple servings!

leaf lettuce + walnuts + dried cranberries + feta + poppyseed dressing (drizzled on at work)

I ended up not eating the yogurt and instead had a half of sandwich.

As weird as it sounds, I have been toasting my bread before making my sandwich, and it is actually quite delicious! Sure it loses its warmth, but it retains the toasted flavor which I really like.


I picked these granola bars up at the store this weekend because they were on sale. I’ve had the Lotta’ Apricotta ones before, so I tried the pumpkin-n-spice ones this time; it seemed to fit in with the time of the year.

I really liked this granola bar. It was chewy and had a nice flavor to it.

After work, Craig and I went to the gym. Craig rode the stationary recumbant bike while I lifted weights.

I did a variety of lifts for my arms, abs, and back.

For some reason my weight lifting session didn’t feel as intense as it usual is, but it was still a good workout nonetheless! 🙂


Dinner was full of randomness and no photos. There was pizza at the gym, so I grabbed a piece of veggie pizza. Then once I got home, I had some peas and a sandwich thin with peanut butter on.


Now that the dishes are done (thanks to Craig!), my lunch is packed, breakfast is made, and the house is in order, it is time to go to bed because I’m exhausted!


What are you excited for this month?

    1. I’ve pre-toasted my bread in the morning before too! I think it helps prevent the bread from getting soggy when you put extra toppings on your sandwich (whether it’s lettuce, tomato, hummus, etc).

      You DO see moose a lot! As much as I want to see them, I’m sure they’d scare me too. I get startled by deer I encounter on my runs (when they’re just standing still on the side of the path/kinda in the woods, staring at me… kinda creepy!)

    1. i always toast my bread before making a sandwich in advance. then it stays fresh and not soggy!

    1. I’m excited this month for a 1 week relaxing vacation with Dad in a warm location!!

    1. I am excited for turkey and three days off from school! Just found your blog and I love it! I don’t eat enough veggies over the weekend either but by Monday I am craving them:)

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