Zombie Half-Marathon Race

October 24, 2010

I survived! Thankfully I escaped any zombie attacks and none of them tried to eat my arm or leg while running! Phew!

Official time: 1:43.58 (I clocked myself at 1:43.57–not bad!)

(14/273 women)

Mile 1 – 9:51.97

Mile 2 – 8:16.58

Mile 3 – 7:52.70

Mile 4 – missed the sign

Mile 4 & 5 together – 15:56.98

Mile 6 – 7:39.12

Mile 7 – 7:42.00

Mile 8 – 7:33.94

Mile 9 – 7:39.03

Mile 10 – missed the sign

Mile 10 & 11 – 15:23

Mile 12 – 7:30.10

Mile 13 – 8:31.11


Ready to run!

I ended up not wearing a costume mostly because it was not a high priority for me during the week; I had too much other craziness happening to try and figure out a costume.

Ready . . .

Set . . .


Here are some of the thoughts that went through my head throughout the race:

Mile 0

I could pass a lot of people because we are going pretty slow but you still have 13 miles to go.

Mile 1

Ha Ha! 9:51 for the first mile! Oops. That’s the slowest I’ve ever run a mile in a race. Oh well, I’m not worried. I should probably pick it up a little though.

Mile 2

Running the marathon really taught me to stay calm and run on the slower side at first to avoid crashing and burning at the end.

Mile 3

Awww.. . . there’s my hubby taking pictures of me and my friend Lazer (that’s her nickname) cheering for me! I love them!

Mile 4

Nice, I have less than 10 miles to go, no problem. I’ve got this!

Mile 5

I’m still feeling great and picking people off left and right.

Hey! It’s Craig and Lazer again!

Mile 6

Wow, pretty much half done, this is nothing compared to the marathon!

Mile 7

Yeah, its my support crew with GU and water!

Ya know what Michelle, you told yourself you weren’t going to push yourself that hard because you didn’t want to be sore for training next week, but that’s ridiculous! You have the rest of your life to train, so missing one week of training is not a good reason to challenge yourself. Alright, let’s start pushing the pace.

Mile 8

Sick, gross, and sick! What is that smell!! Oh yeah, its the waste water treatment facility.

Ugh! It is getting worse, if I had a weak stomach like Craig I would probably be off to the side throwing up!

Mile 9

Oh look, there’s a moose!

Mile 10

Only a 5K left to go. Wow this seems so short compared to the marathon!

Mile 11

I think that’s Sponge Bob up ahead. Oh wait, maybe its a block of cheese. Maybe he’s from Wisconsin.

Alright, time to go and catch some more zombies people. Giddy up! Why did I just say “giddy-up,” I never use that word.

Mile 12

I am missing all the cheering fans like there was at Grandma’s Marathon. It just isn’t the same. 🙁

Only one mile left, and I still fell really good.

Pace yourself up the giant hill!


Mile 13

There’s the finish!

My #1 fan!! Love him and all the support he gives me for being a crazy runner!!

Overall it was a great run! I felt awesome! I did have a little stomach discomfort/cramp between mile 8-11. I’m not sure if it was from the GU or the atrocious smell from the waste water treatment facility.


While Craig and Lazer were traveling between cheering spots, they did a little moose watching.


A few of my eats after the race:

Can’t pass up a slice of free pizza! This tasted so good–as greasy as it was!I love racing and wish I could do it more. I love the feeling of accomplishment–challenging myself and seeing my training pay off!

    1. Great post and good for you for finishing the race! And what a wonderful husband to meet you at the finish line and give you a big hug.

      I’ll definitely be trying out your recipes from your most recent post, especially the chocolate cobbler. Thanks for the great ideas!


    1. Great zombie costumes! And your jacket is cute!

      And I’m jealous of your moose-sightings. I have been to Vermont 3 times now, and always hope to see a moose, but never have!

      1. If you want to see a moose, you should definitely come to Alaska! I could help you track one down within about 10 minutes of your arrival!

    1. […] I took the morning off from running today. I considered going out, but after a 6 mile run last night and a pretty good chunk of time spent weight lifting, I was feeling a little beat. Plus I’m cutting my mileage back and using this week as a recovery week after my half-marathon last Saturday. […]

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