Squashing My Intimidation

October 20, 2010

Happy Wednesday!

This morning I only ran 3 miles because I’m going to the track after work to do a speed workout. 🙂


Before leaving for my run this morning, I assembled overnight 60-minute oats in this almost-empty, large jar of almond butter.

oats + homemade Scottish oats + chia seeds + ground flax + vanilla extract + agave nectar + sliced banana

It doesn’t look like there’s much in there, but it was a bulk-size jar from Costco!

I made this apple crisp last night right before going to bed, so I had to snag a few bites this morning to make sure it was okay. 😉

This definitely isn’t the best apple crisp I’ve made, but it was a quick and simple recipe and still tasted good!


Ten o’clock rolled around and I was hungry again!

When it comes to eating, I have pretty good self-control. For instance, I can eat chips straight out of the bag without eating more than about one serving. However, trail mix is something that I have to portion out, otherwise I go overboard!

cashews + peanuts + Craisins + raisins


Butternut Squash Soup + a piece of bread for dipping + carrot sticks + Chobani

Not only was this soup good, it wasn’t as difficult as I thought it would be! I was scared to buy a whole squash at the store, but after taking it step-by-step, it was not nearly as intimidating!

All I did was literally cut the squash up, bake the pieces in the oven, cut the rind off, and puree all the ingredients together in the blender. Yes, it does take some time, but totally worth it!

I love all the protein in Greek yogurt, but I am getting burnt out on Chobani. I think I need to take a break from it for a while.

On a side note, I am SO happy it has not snowed yet! Two years ago it had snowed by the beginning of October. I don’t remember when the first snowfall was last year, but the snow can hold off as long as it wants! That would be A-okay with me. 🙂


What is something you are intimidated to prepare?

Cooking a whole turkey or chicken still scares me! But I’ve heard it’s not that bad.

Hope your day was a fabulous one!

    1. Not to copy you but probably the most intimidating food to cook for me is a whole chicken or turkey. I plan on making my husband do the dirty work! 🙂

    1. no such thing as a bad apple crisp. by the way, thank you for pointing out that costco has chobani – i’d never noticed it there and even knowing they had it from your blog, i had to look carefully to find it, i think because the packaging is so flat. i hope the strawberry is good, i’ve had the other 2 flavors before and like them. i’ll try the strawberry tomorrow.

      it’s true that roast whole chicken is one of the easiest things to make. the ‘over-seasoned’ roast chicken in our church cookbook is an easy and very delicious recipe. you should try it!

      i’m intimidated to prepare pate choux, which is the pastry shell for cream puffs and a lot of other things. everyone claims it’s easy, but i have a big mental block about it, i think because it was one of my mother’s specialties

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