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October 20, 2010

As soon as Craig and I got home from work, we headed to the track so I could do a speed workout.

Craig joined me on his bike. Running really isn’t his thing, but I am glad he still chooses to share in my passion in some way! 🙂

Craig graciously took some pictures while I ran!

My workout:

2 mile warm-up to the track

2 x 800 (3:24, 3:20)

2 x 400 (with 400 meters recovery inbetween) (1:24, 1:27)

2 mile run back home

Total: 6 miles, 47:00 minutes

Craig got this great shot of the mountains and moon in the sky! Beautiful!~~~~~~~

Two hours before doing my track workout, I had this Larabar.

I have to be cautious about what and when I eat before running, especially prior to afternoon/evening runs. No high fiber foods for sure: apples, oats (granola bars), etc. I’ve had good experiences with Larabars, so I stuck with a tried and true today.


Gosh, I love homemade pizza! It had been far too long since making homemade pizza, so it was time to fix that tonight!

Craig was a sweetheart and made up the dough last night. He also piled the toppings on tonight. 🙂

broccoli + red pepper + onion + cheese + garlic powder + crushed red pepper

While this wasn’t our best homemade pizza, it still tasted amazing after a hard workout–well worth it!

Funny kid story:

As you may (or may not know), I teach elementary p.e., and I thought I’d share a story that put a smile on my face.

I asked a class of 3rd grade students what the word sprint means because I wanted them to do some sprinting exercises. One girl raised her hand and said in a very serious voice, “It’s a cell phone company.” I couldn’t help but crack a smile and say, “yes, you are right.” 🙂

    1. Pizza is always good in my book, even if it was kinda bland. It was also good for breakfast.

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