Foreign Yogurt

October 11, 2010

Greek yogurt. Icelandic yogurt. Australian yogurt. Traditional “American” yogurt.

Curious to know how each compares? Well, Craig and I were wondering too, so we picked up 4 different yogurts from 4 different countries and had a  little fun taste-testing and comparing each one.

Siggi’s Icelandic Yogurt

– Very thick.

– More of a gritty texture, but if you can get past that, it is good!

– Slightly tart.

– Didn’t have an authentic blueberry taste, but it wasn’t a bad taste either.

– Get ready to dig deep in your pocket for some extra dough for this yogurt. We paid $1.29, but that was on sale and with a $1.00 off coupon in the grocery store. Siggi’s retails at over $3–here in Alaska at least.

– Most amount of protein: 16 g

– Lowest amount of sugar: 10 g

Chobani Greek Yogurt

– Fruit on the bottom.

– Very thick and creamy.

– Small blueberry pieces.

– We buy this at Costco and pay less than $1 per container.

– Tied for highest amount of sugar: 20 g

– Tied for highest amount of calories: 140

– 2nd highest amount of protein: 14 g

Wallaby Australian Yogurt

– Consistency was the thinnest but still creamy.

– Small pieces of chopped blueberries.

– Authentic blueberry taste.

– Cost: $1.39

– Tied for highest amount of sugar: 20 g

– The only kind (we chose to compare) that had fat in it.

– Tied for lowest amount of protein: 7 g

Cascade Fresh (American?) Yogurt

– Fruit on the bottom.

– Small pieces of blueberries.

– Pleasant blueberry taste.

– Cost: ~ $1.20; we paid $0.79 for it because it was on sale.

– Tied for lowest amount of protein: 7 g

– Lowest number of calories: 110

Overall, each kind had its pros/cons. I honestly liked all of them for different reasons!



Tonight’s dinner felt very fall-like.

Lentil + Sweet Potato Salad

Recipe courtesy of Kath. (Recipe can be found here.)

I loved how hearty this meal was and loved the sweet and savory flavors throughout. Off to get a few more things done before heading to bed.

    1. Interesting on the yogurt comparison. I prefer strained yogurt, so usually go for Greek. Or else I buy plain yogurt and strain it myself at home. It’s a texture thing I guess. It’s amazing that you can find yogurt from so many different places in Anchorage!

      1. I will often strain my own yogurt at home as well! Siggi’s is also really thick like Greek yogurt!

    1. i’ve never seen the first or the last yogurts! how fun. 🙂 i just got my husband to try plain yogurt last night, with fruit and a little leftover cinnamon roll cream cheese frosting. hehe!

      1. I had a hard time finding Siggi’s at first. Maybe Cascade Fresh is more of a West coast thing?

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