We Can!

October 8, 2010

Yesterday I attended a We Can! conference and training in Anchorage.

We Can! stands for: Ways to Enhance Children’s Activity and Nutrition

They have 3 main targets for children’s behavior: Eat Right, Get Active, and Reduce Screen Time (TV, computer, video games)

I also attended a session called SPARK that promotes physical activity in kids.

It was totally up my alley, and I came away with a lot of activities I can use in my classes. I am so glad I went!

After sitting all day though, I remembered how few calories you really do burn. Usually I eat every 3 hours, but I stayed full for 5 hours!

When I got home, I made myself a Green Monster Smoothie–something light but filled with veggies.

We made trail mix at the conference, but I wasn’t hungry then, so I saved it to have this evening.

– Shredded Wheat

– dried apricots

– dried peaches (yum!)

– raisins

– sunflower seeds

– granola

It matches the leaves outside! Surprisingly our fall is lasting a lot longer than it usual does, which I am not complaining about! 🙂 Usually the fall is about 3 weeks, but we are going on week number 6!!

After dinner I met my friend, Katie, at Kaladi Brothers Coffee.

I love the atmosphere so much! It reminds me of Portland, OR. Portland will always hold a special place in my heart because Craig was going to school in Portland while we were dating, so I went out to visit him several times and basically fell in love with him (and the city) during those trips!Craig and I are actually off to Kaladi Bros. again this morning for some coffee and conversation before work!!

    1. Thanks for coffee this morning. My sludge was excellent.

      For those of you wondering I believe a sludge is a couple of shots of expresso and dripp coffee mixed together. It will wake you up fast than a bucket of cold water.

    1. Oh, I love Portland too. Might be because I live there (er, here?), but still, it is a fun place and we do love our coffee shops. And that picture actually made me think you had taken it of a shop here in town. Ha! Anyway, love your blog! You are motivating me to get back into my distance running. Helps having a cyclist husband who can pop on his bike and keep me compnay, what a great idea! 🙂

      1. I am SO jealous that you live in Portland!! I’ve debated about moving there but am not sure I could handle all the rain. My husband is also nervous about moving because of the high rate of unemployment there!!

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