October 5, 2010

I definitely love my routines! I am a typical first-born, type-A personality, list-makin’ lady, so when an earlier departure time for work was necessary this morning, I was a little frazzled.

This morning we had a staff meeting half an hour before I normally arrive, so I was scrambling to get myself ready and eat a quick breakfast. Thankfully I did plan for this by making a bowl of overnight oats last night.

In the mix:

– plain yogurt

– milk

– old-fashioned oats

homemade Scottish oats

– flax

– chia seeds

– vanilla extract

– blueberries

– walnuts

I loved the addition of the walnuts. It gave my oats a nice crunch!

I also had a Nutritious Muffin for some additional post-run carbs. I heart muffins! I think these muffins need a new name though. Come on, “Nutritious Muffins?” Despite the name, they are quite tasty!


Prior to breakfast, I ran 4 “short” (I know it’s all relative.) miles outside. It was an “easy” run in that I didn’t push myself but just kept a moderate pace the whole time.


Ten o’clock rolled around, and I was starving again! Running in the mornings does this to my appetite.

Cottage cheese + a slightly crunchy pear (my fav!)


The leaves are turning colors and the temperatures are dipping, which means it is soup time!

When I saw the recipe for Creamy White Chicken Chili from Jenna, I knew this was going to be making an appearance in my kitchen this fall.

This has got to be the best homemade soup I’ve ever made!! There was so much flavor to it that I’ll be thinking about it for the rest of the day.

There was a little heat on it, but nothing over the top. I also loved having the beans and chicken in there to keep me full for a while!


Are you a routines person or do you “go with the flow?”

    1. Honey that soup was so good i inspires me to quote the emmissary of moscows report on his visit to the haigia sophia in constantipole. “we did not know if we where on heaven or on earth”

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