My Mind is a Racing Machine

October 2, 2010

There was no sleeping in for this girl today! Seriously who gets up at 5:00 a.m. on a Saturday morning? Oy vey!

I wanted to sleep longer, but the combination of my mind racing a mile a minute about all the things I want to accomplish today and my grumbling stomach, didn’t make sleeping possible. So I rolled out of bed and got to work–and got some food!

I worked until 9:00 a.m. before going for my long run of the day.

Today’s run

Distance: 10 miles

Time: 1:25

Weather: 50*, (RealFeel: 41*), fairly windy

Clothes: Under Armour hat, Nike long sleeve shirt (DriFit), Nike windbreaker jacket, and Asics capri tights

I started off with gloves on but took them off after about 10 minutes.

I scored these gloves on clearance at the end of the season last year. I love them!

They go from a mitten. . . .

to a glove!! The mitten portion tucks away in a pocket on the back of my hand!

This is not the only fabulous thing about them!

After running for about 20 minutes, my palms start sweating profusely while the back of my hand practically has frostbite on it from taking the brunt of the wind. Now my problem is solved! The palm of these mitten/gloves is made of mesh so they can actually breathe!! Genius!

Overall I felt good during my run. My hamstrings were a little tight from lifting at the gym on Thursday but other than that no problems. The time went by fairly quickly, and I got lost in thinking about ideas for blog posts next week, breakfast, and what else I want to accomplish today.

The worst part about my run was the intense hunger pains I had from not eating enough before heading out. Yet, oddly, the thought of food was not appealing.

It is so interesting how different my hunger pains can be on a run.

For instance, on Friday, my stomach was literally grumbling while I was running, but I didn’t actually feel hungry.

Other times, I have felt hungry, but I didn’t have stomach pains.

And then there are the times I literally feel lethargic, weak, and dizzy.

As soon as I got back home, I had some of this tea to tie me over until I made breakfast.

Both Craig and I love this tea. It is not overly sweetened like most “sweet teas” are.

I figured the sugar would be a good option because it would break down quickly and easily digest in my stomach.

Next it was time to get crackin’ at breakfast. (Breakfast #2 that is!)

On the menu: ABC French Toast

Almond Butter


Chia Seeds

This warm breakfast totally hit the spot!

Everything about it is so appealing: the presentation, textures, and taste!

Time to go run some errands!

    1. i love those gloves/mittens! fabulous 🙂 i need some because my hands always get so sweaty running in the cold.

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