My New Ride

September 24, 2010

Check out my new set of wheels!!

I am so excited!! 😀

I’ve been wanting a road bike for quite some time. I mean, I have had my previous bike since I was in 5th grade–and that’s no lie!

I scored this beauty at REI for 30% off the original price. It was pre-owned, but that didn’t bother me. It is still in excellent condition!We took my bike out for a spin this evening in the cool cold fall air! It has been really windy here today, so the windchill was pretty nippy.

I felt like a bolt of lightening on my new ride though. It shifted so smoothly and felt light under my feet.

My first Smoothie in a Bowl (SIAB)!! I often see these popping up on other’s blogs, so it was time I gave it a try myself.

Yeah, I did  just made a smoothie and poured it in a bowl, but it was fun to eat this thick goodness with a spoon. 🙂

Frosted Mini Wheats – Blueberry Muffin flavored!

Bubbly and filled to the brim!

Tomorrow we (me and three other friends) head to Kenai, Alaska for the Kenai River Marathon Relay on Sunday!! I’m excited! A weekend filled with good friends, running, and girl talk!! 🙂 See ya later!

    1. Good for you!!! A new bike!! And you got it for 30% off! Great!

      Now you have “two” new sets of wheels!

      Good luck on your marathon relay. Wish we could be there to watch you.

      Have fun with the girls!!

      Call sometime.

    1. I love your new bike and how fast we go when we ride together now.

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