Sunshine in the Forecast

September 13, 2010

Check out the weather forecast for this week! It is about time we had some days filled with bright, glorious sunshine! 🙂

Weather for Anchorage, AK 99508

Partly Cloudy
67°F | 47°F
64°F | 47°F
65°F | 48°F
Partly Cloudy
63°F | 49°F

This morning got an early start with Craig having to be at the airport for a trip for work.

Since I knew this, I made up a bowl of Strawberry Banana Overnight Oats last night to take on the go.

Cool, creamy, and delicious!

Strawberry Banana Overnight Oats

– 3 tablespoons almond milk

– 1/4 cup plain yogurt

– 1/2 teaspoon vanilla extract

– 1 teaspoon agave nectar

Mix the above ingredients together.

Add 1/2 mashed banana.

Next add:

– 1/4 cup old-fashioned oats

– 1 tablespoon chia seeds

On top:

– 1/2 banana, sliced

– 2 large frozen strawberries, sliced

– unsweetened shredded coconut

I also had the last waffle from this box. I have this weird quirk that if something is almost empty/gone, I have to do everything in my power to finish it up as soon as possible! Does anyone else have this odd quirk, or is it just me?

For some reason, a salad in my lunch always tastes way better than when I make a salad at home.

Tons of goodies in here:

– spinach

– tomato

– avocado

– provolone cheese

– dried cranberries

And cashews for some crunch. I wanted them to stay as crunchy as possible, so I stored them in a different container until it was time to devour my salad.

Poppy Seed dressing–one of my favorites that goes well with many salad combinations!After school tonight I have running club, so I really hope my arch doesn’t hurt. I really want to get back into running since I am signed up to run the Kenai River Marathon Relay with three other friends, which will happen on Sunday, September 26.

I did this race last year, and it was a ton of fun, so I’m hoping for some fun times again! I am also looking forward to competing because I love competing! I don’t run races nearly as often as I would like to!!


What’s your favorite thing to pack in your lunch?

    1. i love packing a cut up apple w/ PB for dipping in my lunch! i don’t know what it is but it is just so good! 🙂

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