Date Night

September 12, 2010

It had been forever since Craig and I had a date night, so last night it was time to change that.

Ginger is one of our favorite finer dining restaurants located in downtown Anchorage. Every time we’ve gone, we’ve had great service, amazing food, in a wonderful atmosphere.

Inside, guests can be seated at the bar which serves a wide array of wines.

The dining area is classy but modern with tactful art pieces on the walls and low, intimate lighting.

(I apologize for the poor quality pictures. I was too quick in snapping this picture to realize how obstructive the decoration in the middle was. I was trying to take a couple of quick pictures before too much attention had been drawn to myself. Those of you who do take a lot of pictures inside restaurants, how do you do it without feeling awkward?)

Instead of ordering an entree, I decided to order a salad and an appetizer–the perfect amount of food for me!

Field Greens with Baked Camembert: tossed with apricots, mint and cashews sherry wine vinaigrette.

The salad had the perfect amount of dressing on, which is a big factor in whether I will like it or not. The cashews gave the salad a nice crunch, but I’m pretty sure the apricots had been replaced with mandarin oranges, which was fine by me. The camembert (on the right-hand side of my plate) is a soft cheese that was warm and melted in my mouth.

My dish from the appetizer menu:

Spicy Tuna Tower: marinated ahi with avocado salad, wasabi tobiko, wonton crisp

What an awesome presentation of the food! I was a little disappointed in my selection though. I thought the ahi tuna would only be raw in the middle and then seared on the outside. Unfortunately the texture of the raw fish was a little too much for me, which left me handing the rest over to Craig. Other than the texture, it was an excellent dish. Craig really like it!

Craig’s entree:

Hot & Sour Seafood Pot (Tom Kha): shrimp, mussels, and seasonal fish steamed with lemon-grass, coconut milk and chilies served over jasmine rice with vegetables julienne

This soup bowl was amazingly good! We both really enjoy coconut curry dishes and this bowl definitely delivered! The pieces of seafood were abundant and the flavors of the curry seasonings came together really well!My handsome date!

We rarely order dessert when eating out, but tonight we decided to change things up a bit.

We narrowed it down to the Bread Pudding and the Green Tea Creme Brulee (which we’ve had before and highly recommend!).We went with the:

Bread Pudding: spiced banana and dark chocolate bourbon creme anglaise

mmm. . . .warm bananas in a succulant breaded mixture drizzled with dark chocolate. Definitely a winner!

Did you even bother to comb your hair, Michelle? Obviously not!

After a very enjoyable meal, we hit up Redbox for a $1.00 DVD rental. Playing last night: Date Night. It seemed to fit the theme nicely.

Both Craig and I didn’t know what the plot line was about; we had simply seen previews and thought it would be a good movie choice. Overall it was a good movie–nothing spectacular but definitely not a bad movie either. It was cute, funny, and had some adventure, but it didn’t leave us raving about it.


What recent movie have you seen that is worthy of recommending?

Craig and I don’t see a lot of movies, but we were clutching our stomaches from so much laughter during It’s Complicated and had our minds blown during Inception.

    1. Hello,

      Wow those are pretty fancy restuarant. I am waiting for my upcoming trip to check out some places in AZ. I will have to send you some pictures from our hiking trek. I have about 1.5 till we leave for Grand Canyon. I have been trying to work out we hiked about 3 miles today. The last part was up hill for MN.

      I have been viewing your blog a bit, but finally sat down at home I now have upgraded to cable to get online. It’s just such a remarkable difference and can actually see things. Yeah!!

      Keep writing and sharing your life.


      1. Awesome! I can’t wait to see pictures! Good luck with everything. I’m glad you can view my blog at home now and keep up-to-date with things going on in my life!

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