Bear’s Tooth & A Long Run

August 28, 2010

Usually on a Friday night, all I want to do is come home and chill. However, last night I changed things up and actually went out for a little while. Craig and I enjoyed dinner at Bear’s Tooth in Anchorage with a friend who is in town visiting.

Before we even got there, I was starving (and had been for a couple of hours), so I knew I wanted something pretty substantial to eat. (Usually I don’t like to have a large evening meal.)

When I eat out, I want to order something I don’t make at home. As I was scanning the menu, the sauteed tofu in the MuShu Wrap caught my attention because I’ve tried sauteing and roasting tofu at home, but it made me want to gag, so I figured the restaurant could probably prepare it in a more appetizing way.

MuShu Wrap: tofu sauteed in ginger soy sauce with rice, Portobello and crimini mushrooms, green onions, carrots, bean sprouts, and cabbage. Topped with Thai Peanut sauce and cashews.

They definitely did succeed! This wrap was so flavorful and slightly spicy. The combination of the seasonings, Thai peanut sauce, and ginger soy sauce complimented each other so well. I will definitely be ordering this again!Craig order the Apple Walnut Salad: mixed greens tossed in maple vinaigrette and topped with Craisins, walnuts, and sliced apples.

Also an excellent choice. I especially appreciated that it wasn’t covered in a lot of dressing!

This morning for breakfast, I enjoyed a bowl of Kashi Honey Sunshine Cereal. I really like this cereal and have bought it many times in the past.

So sweet and crunchy!

Instead of regular milk, I poured Silk Pure Almond milk on top. I enjoy deviating from regular milk and trying other milk substitutes in my cereal.

I also had half of an English muffin with peanut butter.

I was hoping to be able to run 15 miles today and thankfully I had enough perseverance to make it to fifteen. I say that because the weather conditions weren’t ideal: chilly, rainy, and windy! I was able to avoid some of the wind behind trees and in neighborhoods, but there was a period where the wind was much stronger and the raindrops were pelting my eyes; it hurt quite a bit! A hat on my head for the last 5 miles also made the rain more bearable.

My left hip did start hurting a fair amount at mile 14, and I was thinking, “no, not this close to the end!” I walked for a couple of minutes and then started up again and didn’t feel the pain return. 🙂

Total time ~ 2:10

Today’s run was fueled by a Clif Shot Energy Gel – Vanilla flavor.

I was pleasantly surprised that I liked this kind. I’ve had Clif Shots in the past and didn’t care for them, but the vanilla flavor was a good one!

I am quite tired now, so I need to get up and move around. (Taking a nap isn’t an option for me because I just end up thinking about all the stuff I should be doing instead.)


Are you a nap person–or not so much?

    1. definitely not a nap person… I leave that shoe to be filled by my wife who LOVES her little afternoon snoozes! 🙂

    1. Any run over 10 miles for me, means a couple ibuprofen for my knees and a nap!

    1. A fifteen minute nap every afternoon gives me a boost for the rest of the day and evening.

    1. i’m not a nap person… but i do like to just lay on the couch after long runs and relax 🙂

    1. I want to try that cereal! I wish I could TAKE naps LOL – not an option when you work full-time and busy.

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