Not Enough Time

August 24, 2010

I have been burning the candle at both ends lately trying to keep up with everything that I need to and want to do. There is just not enough time in the day!! I haven’t had the time to bake as much, I’ve missed a couple of runs I wanted to do, I’ve barely seen or been able to spend time with my husband, and I haven’t been sleeping as much, or as well. Ugh!

This also means that my blog hasn’t been given the dedication that I want to give to it. But I am still going to try and blog as often as I can.

I do have a couple new products to review though!

Over the weekend I tried a Nature’s Path Organic Blueberry, Flax, and Soy bar. I was pleasantly surprised by the last Nature’s Path bar I had, so the stakes were high. Thankfully this one was a winner as well! The blueberry flavoring was great and the bar was soft and delectable.

I was having a serious ice cream craving while grocery shopping the other day, so it was my mission to find some ice cream that I could then take home and devour!!

After much contemplation, I ended up purchasing this coconut ice cream. It was on sale (still $3.89!), and I loved the short ingredient list!

I was a little disappointed though. Don’t get me wrong, I love shredded coconut and coconut flavored things (heck, I add shredded coconut to almost every yogurt bowl I create and bowl of stovetop oatmeal I cook), but I was not crazy about this ice cream. I really did have high hopes for this kind, but I was not diggin’ the flavor or the texture.

With all that said though, if I was lactose-intolerant or vegan, this would be an option worth looking into.

I love making things from scratch, but when time is of an essence, some things have to give–and for me one of those things is homemade salsa. (But in a future post, I must share my recipe for homemade salsa!) I picked up some salsa at the grocery store and this kind definitely tastes homemade!!

So fresh tasting.

Here’s some posts I’ve read recently that might interest you!

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What is your favorite brand of ice cream from the grocery store?

I need some help since I failed on my last purchase.

Alright, I’m off. Time to get some much needed rest!!

    1. Not enough time in a day!!! That’s how mom and dad feel lots of times!! Just remember to put your most important things in life first. God, husband, family and friends.

    1. my fav brand of ice cream from the grocery store is edy’s fully loaded b/c i LOVE lots of chunks of yummy treats in my ice cream!

    1. In regards to the previous recommendation, you’ll have to look for Dreyer’s, since that’s what Edy’s is called on the Western half of the country… 🙂

      We buy Breyer’s Double-Churned, since I love the short & all-natural list of ingredients, plus it is absolutely delicious. It goes on sale around here for about $2.50 (which translates into $4.00 in AK?) which is a bit higher than others, but worth it!

      1. Thanks for the the clarification! I was trying to remember if I’ve seen Edy’s up here but didn’t think I had. I have bought Breyer’s in the past because of the all-natural ingredient list! Thanks for the tip. (I hate that everything costs more up here–ugh!)

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