Why I Love Running

August 23, 2010

If you’ve been reading my blog for a while now, you know I am pretty dedicated to my running. A day hardly goes by where I am not out pounding the pavement early in the morning–and sometimes again in the afternoon. I love so many things about running that I don’t think any other sport/activity could take its place. Tonight I wanted to highlight just some of the reasons why I’ve become so addicted to running.

And while I love running, I realize you may not–there are some people that really don’t get into it. BUT if you have any desire to become a runner–or pick it up as a form of cross-training–I truly believe ANYONE can become a runner if they really want to. Out of any animal, our bodies were designed to run–and run far!

Why I love running:

– Being outside and breathing in the fresh air.

– The sense of accomplishment after completing each run.

– The fact I don’t feel guilty for eating the rest of the day. My motto: “I run so I can eat.”

– The boost of self-esteem it gives me.

Weight management (I haven’t found my other sport or activity that give me a full-body, intense workout like running does!)

– I love profusely sweating. (I know this might sounds weird, but I honestly love it. I feel as though it cleanses my body.)

– The convenience of being able to simply walk out my front door and go for a run–I don’t have to drive anywhere or pay any fees.

– The simplicity of needing a good pair of shoes–and that’s it!

– The compliments I receive. (Sometimes these compliments are in the form of a whistle from a passing motorist, but actually, I’ve never understood why people whistle at me while I’m running–is my red and sweaty face really that attractive while I’m panting like a dog?)

– I have an excuse to buy more clothes. 😉

Running is simple–the motion requires little thought and I can zone out.

– Always feeling better about myself after running–I’ve never regretted going on a run!

I’ll never forget when I started running. In 5th grade, my competitive edge drove me to train on my own for the school mile because my little heart desired to beat the boys and earn the Presidential Fitness Award. While, I never did get the Presidential Fitness Award (the 50 yard dash always got me), I did beat a lot of boys and it still thrills me when I overtake another male runner. 😉

I am pretty sure I will always be a runner, and I am pretty sure there isn’t any other sport/activity that will give me as much joy as running does. What can I say, the addiction is strong!

What do you enjoy about running? (That is, if you are a runner.)

    1. while I am not dedicated runner, I do enjoy running for the simplicity of it AND because it is easier to run in the rain then bike in the rain with no fenders (and of course, we’ve been getting a LOT of rain lately!)

    1. I love this post. I love running because it allows my thoughts to run free. When I run with friends or with my husband, I’m much better at having conversation than sitting one-on-one. My running group and I affectionally call our long runs “group therapy.” And when I’m by myself, I can brainstorm for my blog, solve problems or just zone out. It’s wonderful.

      1. I totally agree!! It is amazing the conversations that come out during a run (versus sitting down with someone).

    1. as much as a struggle it is for me to wake up or motivate myself to run, i always feel great afterwords.

    1. I really enjoyed reading this post as I love running as well! I love the way it makes me feel-strong and free. I always feel so accomplished once I finish a run 🙂

    1. Yes. You are exemplary in my life – your dedication to healthy living with food and exercise. I feel called to this lifestyle. I echo your list, although I still consider myself a novice, and would like to add that running provides me time to pray.

      1. Running is definitely prayer time for me as well! Although, I need to get better about it. Recently to-do lists occupy my thoughts instead of good quality God-time.

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