I Can Indulge

August 21, 2010

Here’s proof that that even I can (and will) indulge every once and a while! 😉

This ice cream cone totally hit the spot last night! I’ve only been craving a soft serve cone for about two months now. Plus it was only 50 cents; I couldn’t go wrong!

It was so nice not to have to wake up to an alarm this morning–even though I still woke up at 6 a.m. (I got really spoiled this summer.)

I made my standard (more-or-less) pre-long run breakfast. Cherrios topped with banana and milk along with an English muffin–one half with Laughing Cow Cheese and one half with peanut butter because I like variety–or maybe I’m just too indecisive! 😉

Both Craig and I love Laughing Cow Cheese. This is the light version (we can’t taste the difference between the “original” and “light”–maybe if they were side-by-side though) and it only has 35 calories per individually wrapped package. Craig loves cheese and this is a great way for him to still get his cheese fix but in a portion-controlled way.

I’m ready for my long run. . . today: 14 miles!! I made sure to start within about 90 minutes of eating–unlike the 2+ hours I’ve done in the past and then had to run on a very empty stomach.

After 9 miles, I stopped at home to refuel. I tried a new energy drink I picked up last night at REI. I’ve seen a few other runners use this kind and they’ve had very good things to say about it. I was $1.75 for the package (which was pretty pricey), but I didn’t want to buy a huge container of it in case I didn’t like it.

I liked how it tasted–a nice lemon lime taste that wasn’t too strong–and 15 minutes after drinking about 6-8 oz. of it, I felt my body respond with a boost of energy–and I needed it! I would definitely recommend this.

Overall, the 14 mile run went really well! I was a little worried about going 14 because last week I ran 8 and the week before I ran 12, but I figured I could always cut it short. The course I picked was pretty hilly especially at the beginning, but there wasn’t too much torture.

After 1:40 (an hour and forty minutes), I started to hit a wall. I didn’t feel as fresh, but with only 20 minutes left it just became a mind game. I kept reminding myself that the pain I was experiencing today wasn’t nearly as intense as it was during the marathon.

When I got done, I drank the rest of the Heed drink because I was pretty thirsty. My legs held up pretty well until the end, but they might be a little sore tomorrow.

The worst pain was my pinkie toe! I had a blister on this toe and cut too much of the skin off and now am paying for it because it hurts when I run. (Yes, I know I have no pinkie toe nail and am in desperate need of a pedicure, but I am pretty sure you need toe nails to get a pedicure!! They are finally growing back after the marathon.)

Food after the run:

Strawberry and banana smoothie with rice milk, 1/2 banana, 4 large frozen strawberries, vanilla soy protein powder, vanilla extract, and ice.

One scrambled egg on a toasted thin bun.

I also munched on some Newman’s Own Alphabet Cookies–chocolate flavored. I picked these up at the grocery store last night because they were on sale and the other Newman’s Own products I’ve had have been very good (you must try their version of Oreos!!).

These crackers are great for a chocolate craving–crunchy and slighty sweet!

Plus you get to spell fun things like this: TRP = The Runner’s Plate. 🙂I’m off to the Greek Festival at our church–be sure to check back for a recap that includes a lot of “opa,” Greek food (gyros, baklava), and Greek dancers!!

If you live in/near Anchorage come check it out!!

When: August 20, 21, & 22 (Saturday: 10 a.m. – 10 p.m. / Sunday: noon – 8 p.m.)

Where: Holy Transfiguration Greek Orthodox Church, 2800 O’Malley Road, Anchorage

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