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August 12, 2010

Sorry for my absence last night, I was too busy buying this:

AHH!! How exciting it is to get a new car!! I am stoked. 😀 We scored a pretty smokin’ deal on this 2010 Mazda 3 with a discount, rebate, and 0% financing–we couldn’t go wrong!!!

This morning I woke up excited to go running since I had a good run yesterday. I cranked out 6 miles this morning and felt really good!! Once I got back, I was starving though and immediately made this yogurt bowl.

So cool, refreshing, sweet, crunchy, and delicious–all of my favorite flavors in one bowl.

Sorry there isn’t time for more. I’ve got to get to school to start our teacher in-services.

    1. Yeah that was a pretty great deal babe. As Michael Scott would say that was a “Win, Win, Win” situation.

    1. Oh my gosh Michelle! What a sweet car!! Let hope nobody knocks out your tail lights on this one. Congrats! Good luck with all your school prep, I hope you can still post fun recipes once you are back teaching!

      1. Thanks! I hope I can still post while working as well. I will stay busy that’s for sure!!

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