Last Day of Freedom

August 11, 2010

Today is my last day of summer vacation!! Tomorrow teacher in-services start, and I need to get everything in order before the kids start next Wednesday. I am bummed that summer is over because it has been so nice to be able to do whatever, whenever I want–baking, lots of running, cooking, lunch with Craig, getting little projects done here and there, etc. I knew it would come to an end eventually, but it was fun while it lasted!!

An easy breakfast before I went out running.

Cherrios with organic low-fat milk.

I also had a Chai Scone that I made yesterday. I really liked the taste of these scones and the soft texture, but be sure to have a beverage close by because they are dry! Of course if they had butter in them, they wouldn’t be as dry, but these are a healthier version–you win one, you lose one. Meh!

I realized that when I was talking about Bart Yasso in yesterday’s post, some of you may not know who he is. Sometimes I get caught up in my little running-world and forget that most people are not psychotic about their running like I am, so here’s Bart Yasso’s webpage and some information on him. Also, here’s the snipit on Bear’s Tooth website.

What a difference a day off of running makes!! I felt tons better today–after my not-so-enjoyable run on Monday. This morning I ran an easy 8 miles in 66 minutes. I felt good, the weather was cool, and I ran one of my favorite routes. The only complaint was a tender muscle in my left buttcheek–possibly my piriformis?? I am not quite sure. I wasn’t too worried because it didn’t get worse as I ran, which is a good indicator as to whether you should stop running or not. If something is bothering you on a run, and it continues to get worse, stop as soon as possible!!

When I got back, I was starving, so off to the kitchen I went to make some warm oatmeal.

I like cold cereal, but this bowl of warm oatmeal totally hit the spot this morning. I also had the rest of the nectarine to eat.

I couldn’t resist sampling my Oatmeal Raisin Bars from yesterday. These bars are chewy and moist, but they aren’t as sweet as I thought they would be. They are great if you don’t care for overly sweet treats, but my sweet tooth was hoping for a little more. I could easily add more sugar the next time I make them but that would make them more unhealthy. Once again, you win one, you lose one.I’m off to shower and enjoy my last day of freedom!!

    1. Heck I live in ak and I wanna come live there with all the baking action in that house!! Mmmmmmmm!! 🙂

    1. I <3 Bart Yasso. 🙂

      I didn't know you were a teacher! What grade?

      I hope it's not your periformis. That is a major ouch!

      Um, 8 miles in 66 minutes is "easy"? You are fast girl!

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