Good Deals & Bad Wheels

August 9, 2010

This morning I rotated between lifting weights, washing dishes, and reading various blogs.

Here are some blogs I follow regularly:

Carrots ‘n’ Cake

Eat, Live, Run

Healthy Tipping Point

The Innerworkings of a College Graduate

Iowa Girl Eats

Kath Eats Real Food

Peanut Butter Fingers

Skinny Runner

I also spent some time on Craig’s List because our friend Lindsey needs a place to live. Any locals know of a 2 bedroom rental in a quiet, safe neighborhood in Anchorage?

I had a light lunch before running some errands because breakfast held me over quite well.

The last apple in the house–time to get some more!

A quick, easy lunch but some of my favorites!!

Multigrain bread, toasted, with almond butter.

While getting groceries, I had this Mango Macadamia Kind bar. I should have known lunch wouldn’t hold me over long enough! What a great tropical treat though–very flavorful and not dry at all like many granola/energy bars are.

After shopping in Costo, I came back to see this!!

Not cool people, not cool!! Especially since they didn’t leave any contact or insurance information.

My poor car that I’m getting ready to sell. Now I have to stick even more money into it before trading it in. 🙁

After calls to my husband, insurance agent, polic department, and my parents, I finally made it home with these purchases.

Carrs (Safeway) grocery store

– canola oil

– Rold Gold pretzels

– San Pellegrino (sparkling water)

– “O” Organics yogurt

– Nature’s Path Energy Bar (2)

– Kind Bar (consumed earlier)

– black plums

– red plums

– nectarines

– mango

– grape tomatoes

Fred Meyer grocery store

– edamame

– frozen peas

– bananas

– red pepper

– onion

– carrots

– tomatoes

– Nancy’s Lowfat Plain yogurt

– ricotta cheese

– bulk cashews

– nutmeg

– Nature’s Path Granola Bars

– Luna Bar

– string cheese

– Boulder Chips (accidently unpictured)

– Jamba Juice Frozen Bars (already stuck in freezer)

Here are some items I got by combining: sale items + coupons = awesome deals!!

Total: $32.62

Costco purchases

– Food Should Taste Good Multigrain Chips

– havarti cheese

– bananas

– loaf of bread

– strawberries ($2.99 for 2 lbs. ~ locals, this is a good deal!!)

– Chobani Greek yogurt

– and the LARGEST bag of spinach EVER!!!

2.5 POUNDS of spinach!! I bet you can’t guess what I made with it?!?!?

That’s right. . . . a Green Monster for my still-hungry stomach.

This guy tasted oh so good!!I’m off to make dinner; I’ll be back with a recap later.


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