Canoe Trip to Nancy Lakes

July 12, 2010

Both Craig and I love canoeing, plus it has some significance in our relationship. Our first date was on a canoe and part of our engagement included a canoe ride!!

This weekend we traveled with our church’s youth group to the Nancy Lake State Recreation Area. This area of Alaska has a series of lakes connected by small strips of land, so that means you canoe across one lake, portage (carry) all of your belongings to the next lake, and then get back in the canoe and repeat. Yes, it does require some work, but it is also a lot of fun!

It was a little bitter-sweet for me because I used to do this same thing in the Boundary Waters Canoe Area in northern Minnesota.

Packing all of our gear into the canoes. . . .including 4 dogs. (Only one can be seen in this picture.)

And we’re off.

It was cloudy and rainy but still pretty.

The signs identifying each lake were nice in case you got lost or turned around. This was one of seven lakes we traveled across.

Craig getting ready to portage one of our bags.

This was a water portage that we had to navigate. I felt like Pocahontas. . . .just around the riverbend.

Oops! Trying to take a picture over my head of both of the boys I rode with.

That’s better. Silly boys!!

After 4+ hours of canoeing and portaging, we finally reached our campsite.

This was our quarters for the night. (Craig would like me to add that this is an awesome tent!)

Chopping some firewood.

Look at that ax in motion.

I believe that’s an expression of success. . . or maybe of a barbarian.

Eating some Jiffy Pop popcorn around the campfire.

And some hot tea to try to stay warm–at least that’s why I had to drink it.

Fishing was quite successful! Many Northern Pike were caught and some were even fried over the campfire and eaten that night.

We hung out by the campfire a lot, played cards, and just enjoyed the outdoors. Now it is back to civilization.

    1. I like Craig’s cap in these pictures! 🙂

    1. Thats because it is the best camp ever!!!

    1. Haha!! The “barbarian” picture made me laugh!

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