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June 15, 2010

Tonight I fly back to Minnesota for two weeks!! I am excited to see friends and family again–and hopefully soak up some warmer weather!! I have a lot of things already planned, so I am sure the time will go by quickly. Plus I can’t forget about my marathon on Saturday in Duluth!

This morning began with a bowl of “overnight oats.”

Last night, I assembled my breakfast and stuck it in the fridge. Then this morning, all I had to take it out of the fridge and eat–simple!

Last night I mixed together:

– plain yogurt

– almond milk

– old fashioned oats

– chia seeds

– vanilla extract

– a little bit of brown sugar

On top, I added sliced frozen straweberries and some fresh nectarine. (These nectarines were so ripe and juicy!!)

I’ll be honest, the first time I had overnight oats, I wasn’t that crazy about it–cold oatmeal, really?!?!? The first couple of times, it tasted pretty bland to me. However, over time, I’ve perfected my recipe and now know to add fresh fruit and granola if I want some crunch. They hit the spot this morning!

Running Shorts Review

It can be really difficult to find running clothes that I love. It is very distracting when my clothes are riding up, soaked in sweat (i.e. cotton), cause chaffing, or just are not comfortable while I’m running!! If you are a runner, you know what I am talking about!! (If you’re not, that’s okay.) 🙂

I wanted to review my running shorts to help those who might be looking for a good pair of shorts to purchase. (I know people will often ask me what I prefer to run in.) And if you aren’t a runner, these shorts are also excellent for walking or working out in general. (And sorry to my male readers, I can’t really help you out.)

Under Armor

These are a great pair of running shorts. They are lightweight, a nice length (for me at least), and sit low on my hips. (I can’t run with anything within about 3 inches of my belly button.) I wear these shorts often. The only problem I have is that the leg opening will ride up every once and a while. I don’t have to constantly pull them down–like other shorts I’ve had–just every once and a while. I would still recommend this pair. And these are an older model, so Under Armor has probably made upgrades anyhow.

The pocket on the back of the shorts–that sits on the small of my back–is great for storing a key.

Nike-Tempo Shorts

I love these shorts–they are my favorite thus far–hence the reason I have two pairs!!

These shorts super comfortable, do not ride up, lightweight, and the leg openings stay down as well.

These pair of shorts also have a small stow-away pocket on the inside of the shorts.


I like these shorts–they are comfortable but not my favorite. They do not ride up, which I appreciate, but it almost feels like there is too much material around my legs and the shorts flap open, making me feel a little exposed–yikes! I just don’t find myself wearing these are much as the other pairs.

These shorts actually have two pockets (zippered and the pocket on the waistband) which is very convenient.

What brands or styles of running shorts work well for you? I am always looking for more options!!

    1. Well, since you asked, I like Nike running shorts as well. I really like the Dri-Fit Fundamental Road Race running shorts as seen here:

      The only thing is that the Nike symbol seems to fall off very quickly. But I think they are the perfect length and very fashionable which is important because “running in our passion but we never forget about fashion!”

      I also bought a pair of Craft bright orange running shorts and I really like those as well.

    1. Kristy, you should let Michelle borrow your bright orange running shorts, then we can pick her out amongst all the runners at Grandma’s Marathon!!

    1. I like Nike running shorts as well, in I have several pairs and often times find myself sleeping in them :p However, before I dared to wear shorts I was a huge fan of spandex carpi’s with a running skirt over top which I’ve heard is very yoga like I just thought it was comfortable and not so revealing 🙂

    1. I’m a fan of Lululemon’s running shorts. They’re kinda pricey, but the waist band is very comfortable, the fabric is lightweight and moisture-wicking, and they usually have some kind of pocket (a back zip one or a key pocket inside the waist).

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